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Get Involved: Support Girl Scout Cookie Program

With cookie season fast  approaching, volunteer and support your Girl Scout’s troop. Cookies are sold by  Girl Scouts, however, girls need adult support. Let your troop leader know how you can help your Girl Scout’s troop reach their goals this cookie season. And remember to meet your troop's deadlines, delivering cookies promptly and turning in cookie money weekly.

The Cookie Program is a  vital part of the Girl Scout experience. When girls participate in the largest  girl-led business, they learn skills that will prepare them for a successful  future. We have identified five skills your Girl Scout will learn participating in the Cookie Program:  goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business  ethics. Many successful business women, including our Council President, Diane Tipton, credit as their first business experience--selling Girl Scout cookies!

The Cookie Program allows Girl Scout troops to finance their dreams. Money that troops earn selling Girl Scout Cookies funds girl-chosen troop activities. Some troops use the proceeds to do good work in their community and go camping, while others  plan trips to Hershey Park or even Our Chalet in Switzerland.

The Cookie Program plays  an important role in strengthening our Council. Because of  the Cookie Program, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital is able to maintain eight camp properties, develop  high-quality girl programs,  run affordable sleep-away, day and evening camps, offer adult volunteer courses,  and provide the infrastructure to serve our girls and volunteers.

Watch this video from Girl  Scout Christian asking for parents to get involved.


Cookie Club



The  Cookie Club features technology that is relevant in today’s business world.  It’s an online tool available for Girl Scouts participating in the Cookie  Program.  Using a password-protected web site, girls learn to set and  track their goals. They can also send emails to friends and family asking for  cookie “promises.”  When customers respond, requesting cookies, it will  show up in the girl’s Cookie Club account along with the customer’s contact  information. Girl Scouts must follow-up on these orders in the traditional  manner, with in-person delivery and payment collection.

Girls may not accept  online payment for cookies. Girl Scouts and their parents cannot sell cookies  online—whether it is on a web site or a commercial auction site. Although girls  can ask for online cookie “promises,” they cannot accept online payment. The heart of the Girl Scout Cookie program experience remains the face-to-face  interaction with customers. Girls deliver cookies and accept payment in person, following appropriate safety guidelines.

Over  the next month your Troop Cookie Managers will set-up the troop in Cookie Club  and assign the girls login information. See if your troop needs a Cookie Club  Volunteer! You can make a difference.

New: Council Wide Gift of Caring                      


Capital Cookies Care is a way for troops to donate virtually to the  Capital Area Food Bank.

Our Council is partnering  with the Capital Area Food Bank so customers can help two good causes—Girl  Scouts and hunger relief. Our Virtual Gift of Caring, called Capital Cookies Care,   occurs when Girl Scouts take initial orders. Girls take orders and collect  payments, but the cookies go directly to the Capital Area Food Bank to help  families with emergency needs. Capital  Cookies Care is another way our Girl Scouts can give back to their community. The Council will  deliver these cookies, purchased virtually, directly to the Capital Area Food  Bank.


What Girls think about selling Girl Scout Cookies!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program  is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial business in the nation.  Take a look at what girls learn by  participating in the program by watching this video filmed at our 2013 Top  Cookie Sellers event at the Washington National Zoo. Thank You for Participating  in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Girl Scouts Nation’s  Capital Cookie Program is one of the most successful in the nation. In 2013,  4.3 million boxes of Girl Scouts Cookies were sold. Girl Scout troops and  Service Units earned $2,984,218 to support their good work in the local community. Good luck and let's have a great cookie season!



Dec 20, 2013- Mar 23, 2014
Girl Scout Cookie Sale

February 5 – 20, 2014
Initial order delivery, order taking continues

February 21 - March 23, 2014
Booth sales, order taking continues

February 26,2014
Cupboards open 

March 30, 2014
Cookie Sale Activities end

Cookie Sale General Information

We are Super Six 

Girl Scouts Nation’s  Capital is kicking-off the year as a Super  Six pilot council by offering only the  six top sellers: Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs,  Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos and Savannah Smiles.  By focusing on the popular cookie varieties and streamlining delivery,  we will make the program easier for girls and volunteers. As girls learn  business skills this cookie season, they will undoubtedly discover that Super  Six makes great business sense. Super Six will enable them to reach their goals  more efficiently.


Now Accepting Credit Card Payments

This year Girl Scout  troops can begin to accept credit cards! We listened  to our troops, paid attention to the marketplace and partnered with Spark Pay by Capital One to make credit card acceptance possible. The girls will  decide if the benefit of accepting credit card payments, out-weighs the cost. Transaction  fees will be incurred by the troop, a financial consideration important for  girls to learn. Troops that elect to participate in the credit card option must  have a smart phone, PC or tablet available.     


Girl Scouts and the USO

In the Greater Washington  Region many of our Girl Scout families have a personal connection to the U.S. armed  forces. Troop 2 Troops is our way to  support the military. Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital has partnered with the USO-Metro  serving the Greater Washington Region, a nonprofit chartered by Congress, dedicated  to “serving those who serve, and their families.”

The USO assists military  travelers and families in local airports as they transition from place to  place. While selling Girl Scout Cookies, ask customers to support Troop 2  Troops. At the close of the Cookie Program, Girl Scout troops will have the  opportunity to deliver these cookies to the USO Warrior and Family  Center at Fort Belvoir.  The USO will use the cookies to support active duty troops and their families  at area military hospitals, five USO Centers, four area USO airport lounges and  a Mobile USO.

Hometown Heroes

Girl Scouts may also continue with the Hometown Heroes program and select a local hero like fire-fighters,  local police or other first responders to receive Girl Scout Cookies purchased by customers. Girls and troops decide which program is right for them!


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