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Booth sales are a great way to increase your team’s success.  Customers love to buy cookies everywhere. That’s why cookie booths – set up in front of groceries, at sporting events, or in other high-traffic areas – are so successful. Girls will have lots of fun setting up their “store” and talking to customers. Check out the information on selecting booth locations through the Booth Scheduler in eBudde in your Troop Guidebook or on the VIP eTraining site  

Remember, booth sales are arranged by the Service Unit Cookie Booth Coordinator. If you have a great idea for a location, share the information with your SUCBC!  Please do not arrange booths on your own!

Put Girls in the Lead Make sure everyone knows that girls make the sale and answer questions – not the adults. Girls should know all about the cookies and make change as much as they are able. GSCNC standard is 4 girls and 2 adults at a booth sale. Adults are there to support the girl’s efforts and to be sure the girls, cookies and funds are secure.

Help them stand out To maximize Booth success, invite girls to consider these proven tips:

  • Make an attractive table display to gain customer interest.   Remember to make a cookie poster to hang from your table or for girls to wear. Visit  Little Brownie Baker for ideas and easy clip art.
  • To encourage multi-box purchases, suggest that girls bundle 3 cookie packages with a ribbon, and attach gift cards and/or attach recipes that use the cookies.  Templates are available at Little Brownie Baker.

Be prepared Be sure to prepare the girls and adults that will be conducting Booth Sales for the troop.  Review the Booth Tips & Etiquette

Cookie Booth Safety is important so remember never leave girls alone and unsupervised at a booth sale. There ALWAYS needs to be an adult present and engaged.   Keep a careful eye on the money box. Whereas girls should be encouraged to accept payment and make change, an adult should be carefully watching all financial exchanges.

Help Your Supporters Find Your Booth  Customers may  be using their mobile phones to find your cookie booth! There is an APP for that!  With the Cookie Locator, they can search for cookie sales online or on their smart phones.  This information comes from the Booth Scheduler in eBudde. Be sure to keep your booth information up-to-date  and be sure to release a booth if you will not be hosting it so another troop has the opportunity to pick it up.   The Cookie Locator will advertise ALL selected booth location from the Booth Scheduler to prospective customers.

Record Your Sales  With the addition of the Booth Recorder feature in eBudde, your troop will be able to track exact sales BY LOCATION. Either through use of the  Mobile Recorder  App for iPhone or Android smart phones; or access the mobile website version using any web-enabled smartphone by going to http://ebudde.littlebrownie.com/booth, your booth sales can be recorded on the go!

To record sales from the standard eBudde platform, just login to eBudde and go to the troop’s Booth Sales Tab and follow the easy instructions to record your sales!

This feature, another program with our baker, Little Brownie Bakers, will allow us to have real time data to analyze and use when planning booth locations in the future!




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