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Core Camp Questions & Answers

1) When is payment due?

Full payment is due for all girls and adults at the time of registration.

Troop loans and/or financial assistance is available through the Program Department.  For more information please contact or 202.274.2170.

2) What does the Core Camp fee include?

Core Camp fees include campsite rental, all food, and program supplies.  Girls and adults are responsible for bringing their own personal camp gear, like sleeping bags.

3) What is the cancellation policy?

For spring Core Camps, you will receive a refund (minus the $10 registration fee) for each girl or adult canceled before February 1.  After February 1, no retunds are given.

For fall Core Camps, you will receive a refund (minus the $10 registration fee) for each girl or adult canceled before August 1.  After August 1, no retunds are given.

4) How do I register my troop?

First, all girls and adults must be registered Girl Scouts listed with your troop.  Then, an adult with troop hub access can register the girls and adults through the troop hub.

Girls and adults can not register individually for a Core Camp.

Registration questions?  Please contact Katherine Offutt 202.534.3781

5) Do we need a camp trained adult and first aider?

Yes.  All troops need a camp trained adult and adult first aider.  These must be two different adults.

View upcoming camp trainings.  View upcoming first aid trainings.

Contact Jenn Macios 202.274.3309 for help finding a camp trained adult volunteer.

6) How many adults can we bring?

Adult to girl ratios are limited to the number of adults as required by Safety Activity Checkpoints, plus one additional adult (maximum).

For the Mother & Daughter Core Camp only, this limit does not apply.

7) Will we stay in glen shetlers, platform tents, or lodges?

For Core Camps, all girls and adults will stay in glen shelters or platform tents (depending on the camp).

The Core Camp host troop will assign troops to units based on age and size of each troop.


More questions?  Please contact Jenn Macios 202.274.3309.

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