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Annual Meeting Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Meeting?

The Annual Meeting invites our entire membership to take part in discussions that will shape the future of the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital. During this meeting Delegates will vote on issues of importance to the Council and elect members to the Board of Directors.

How do I get to the Annual Meeting?

The 2015 Annual Meeting is located The National Conference Center, 18980 Upper Belmont Place Lansdowne, VA. Directions can be found using Google Maps.

What time does it start?

Registration will open at 8:00-8:45 AM, with the Business Meeting starting at 9:30 AM. Concurrent to registration we will have a Girl Scout Exhibit Area and the Girl Scout Shop.

Will there be a break during the meeting?

Yes, there will be one 15 minute break in between the Business Meeting and the Plenary Session, however feel free to leave during the meeting to use the facilities at your leisure.

How do I register?

Registration for the Annual Meeting and the training opportunities will take place online through the GSCNC webpage.

What will registration look like at the event?

Upon arrival, volunteers who registered online will be invited to find one of six corresponding lines divided alphabetically by last name. A unique nametag with a barcode will provide you with access to the Business Meeting and the day's activities. You are then free to visit the Girl Scout Exhibit Area and find your Association's table in the larger concourse. The Ballroom will be open for seating at 9AM.

I'm currently an Alternate Delegate. How will I know if I'm supposed to become a voting delegate?

Our Alternate Delegates will be notified electronically of their Service Unit's need for voting Delegates. A large screen inside the lobby will be updated as voting Delegates check in. At 8:30 AM those Alternate Delegates from Service Units with available slots should report to the registration area where they will be allowed to fill vacant Delegate slots within their Association.

Can I bring food or drink into the ballroom?

No. The Conference Center has a strict policy prohibiting food and drink in the ballroom. Coffee service will be provided in the morning during the Information Fair, and some light snacks will be provided.

If lunch is not part of the recognitions, where do we eat?

At the conclusion of the Plenary there will be cake and punch for those exiting the ballroom. You can coordinate with your friends to have lunch at various locations in Leesburg.

Why can't we convert one of the male bathrooms for all the women?

There are many women at the Girl Scout event; however, we also have many "men in green" at the Annual Meeting, as well as other guests of the Inn and Conference Center who deserve access to restrooms as well. Please keep in mind that lines may be long; the conference center map indicates restrooms at either end of the concourse area.

What is the two minute question this year?

As per the changes made during the 2008 Annual Meeting, we no longer hold a Two-minute Question. Instead, we will gather input from our volunteers and members during the Winter Forums, which will guide the report for the forums at the Annual Meeting.

Why was the Annual Meeting moved to Virginia?

With over 700 participants spanning three states and the District of Colombia, the options for accommodations are limited and geographically spread. With the addition of the Shenandoah Region to Nation's Capital, Lansdowne, VA we wanted to find a location that would help include our volunteers to the west. The National Conference Center is an excellent location for our event and provides enough space for our occupancy. We continually look for other cost effective locations to hold this meeting. If you have any ideas please let Hadley Hines know at

How do you choose the date of the Annual Meetings?

Each year the Board of Directors looks for dates that will accommodate the most volunteers possible. Unfortunately there is always a date that doesn't fit into everyone's schedule. The Annual Meeting according to our By-laws needs to take place on a Saturday in April.

What should I wear to the Annual Meeting?       

For our adult volunteers: official uniform for adults is navy blue business attire worn with an official scarf and membership pins for women and the tie for men.                                                                               

For our Girl members: Appropriate age level uniform

Where can I park at the Annual Meeting?

There is a parking lot next to the conference center and it is free for the day.

Can I stay overnight at the National Conference Center?

Yes. We have blocked off rooms for people who would like to spend the night in Lansdowne. The cost is $129 for a standard room including breakfast, and $149 for a guest suite, which also includes breakfast.

Will there be transportation available to the National Conference Center?

Some associations are coordinating transportation for carpools and buses, on their own. Please check with your Association Chairs to see if you can help with this task. We strongly suggest carpooling to this great event.Parking is free for the day.

If you have any questions, please contact Hadley Hines, Senior Council Operations Specialist at or 202-534-3772


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