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The Gold Award Panel

Six regional Gold Award Panels meet monthly to review Gold Award Proposals and have mentoring discussions with Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors who have turned in proposals.  They meet in the following locations:

City, State



Washington, DC

GSCNC Connecticut Ave Office

2nd Thurs of the Month

Waldorf, MD

GSCNC Waldorf Office

2nd Thurs of the Month

Fairfax, VA

Camp Crowell

2nd Tues of the Month

 South Riding, VA

GSCNC Loudoun Office

3rd Wed of the Month

Shenandoah Region-VA, WV


2nd Thurs of the Month

  Frederick, MD

 GSCNC Frederick Office

 2nd Thurs of the Month

When turning in your Gold Award Proposal you can have an In-Person Presentation or choose to participate in the Proposal-Only process.  Presenting your proposal is a great way to ensure that the Panel understands your vision for your Gold Award project. For information on what to prepare and what to expect, please see our council's Gold Standard online at

Please remember, there is a two-step process to sign up for a Panel presentation:  


1) Girls must submit their proposals to the Washington, DC Council office by 5 pm on the 1st business day of the month.   


2) Concurrently, girls need to have their leader or parent register them for a Panel Presentation.  Registration for Panel Presentations typically opens on the 18th of the month prior to the Panel meeting and close the 2nd working business day of the month.  This allows us time to prepare and the send the proposals to the panels before their meetings which are usually scheduled for the second and third weeks of the month (as noted in the chart above). 

**Register here for an In-Person Gold Award Panel Presentation** Use the keyword "panel presentation" in the search box.

Contacting the Gold Award Panel

Panel Location

Panel Chair

Washington, DC

Lori Betsock or Carol Jacobson

Waldorf, MD

Alita Jordan

South Riding, VA

Sharon Cantrall or Laurie Van Hook

Camp Crowell, VA

Maureen Mallette or Sharon Cantrall

Shenandoah Region-VA, WV

Judi Becker-Greenfield or Tina Capps

Frederick, MD

Stan Myles

Want to earn the Gold, but just don't know where to start?  Do you have specific questions about the Gold Award Panel?  Interested in earning the Gold, but the proposal seems like a huge task

The first step is to go to a Gold Award Workshop.  Done that, and still have questions about the Gold?  That's fine!  Click on the name of Gold Award Panel Chair of the regional panel nearest you to send her/him an email.  The Panel Chair will be able to work with you to get your initial questions answered before you submit an official proposal. 

Please note: While the Panel Chair will do her or his best to help you with your questions and project ideas, your proposal will still need to be reviewed and approved by the full Gold Award Panel.

Girl-Led: The Gold Award process, as you know, is girl-led.  This means that you are responsible for writing your proposal, turning in your paperwork, scheduling your presentation and contacting the Panel with your questions.  If your leader, advisor or parent has general questions about the process they may contact your regional panel chair or the Teen Program Specialist with those questions.  Specific questions related to your project, from approval to implementation, must be asked by you.

Having trouble getting in touch with your local Panel Chair? Contact the Teen Program Specialist, at (202) 274-2170.

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