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High Adventure Vendor List FAQs
Are any activities prohibited in Girl Scouts?
Yes, the following activities are prohibited, either by GSUSA or by GSCNC in consultation with our insurance company:

• Aerial tricks on bicycles, skis, snow boards, skateboards and water skis
• Ballooning
• Bungee jumping
• Firearm use
• Flying in helicopters, sailplanes and blimps
• Go-carting
• Hang gliding
• High-altitude climbing
• Hunting

• Paintball
• Parachuting
• Parasailing
• Trampolining
• Riding motor bikes, all-terrain vehicles
• Using personal watercraft (a small motor-driven craft that may be ridden in a sitting position like a snowmobile or standing like skiing)
• Watercraft trips in Class V and above whitewater or unclassified river

What do the high adventure vendors on the GSCNC list agree to?
Vendors on this list are indicating that they carry appropriate amounts in insurance. However, leaders are responsible for ensuring that all safety activity checkpoints ( are followed and should make a site visit before planning a high adventure activity with a vendor.

How much insurance does a high adventure vendor need to carry?
GSCNC requires vendors to carry at least $1,000,000 in General Liability Insurance. $1,000,000 in General Liability may seem like a lot but that is the current minimum standard for most businesses, both large and small. 

My high adventure vendor isn't on the list! What do I do?

If the vendor is not on the list, when scheduling your activity, tell them that because your activity is considered High Adventure by GSUSA safety guidelines as defined in Safety-Wise Activity Checkpoints, the company needs to provide GSCNC a copy of their Certificate of Insurance that:

  • Indicates at least $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance
  • Lists GSCNC as a Certificate Holder
  • Lists GSCNC as Additionally Insured. 

Certificates of Insurance must be sent to:
GSCNC Attn High Adventure
4301 Connecticut Ave NW Suite M-2
Washington, DC 20008

OR Fax: 202-274-2161 Attn: High Adventure
OR email:

My vendor is already on the list. Do I need to do anything else before the event?
First, make sure that the expiration date on their insurance is after your activity date. If that is true, remember that you need special permission from parents and guardians.

Why has my high adventure vendor's Certificate Of Insurance disappeared from the list?
Certificates of Insurance generally expire after 1 year. If your vendor was listed a few weeks ago, and is not listed now, it is most likely due to expiration. Occasionally, we will remove a vendor from the list due to leader complaints about safety procedures. You can call Susan Kabat at 202-274-3305 for more information. If the COI has expired, you should contact the vendor and ask them to send a new certificate to GSCNC.

Why do I have to call the vendor?
Vendors are more likely to respond quickly to the request for a Certificate Of Insurance from a person who wants to pay them for their services.

What, exactly, am I asking my vendor for when I am requesting information from them?
You are asking your vendor to provide proof of insurance, so that GSCNC is aware that they carry appropriate insurance. This means a Certificate of Insurance that:

  • Indicates at least $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance
  • Lists GSCNC as a Certificate Holder
  • Lists GSCNC as Additionally Insured

What do I say when I call?
If you are not sure what to say, we have a sample script located at

How long does it take to get a high adventure vendor on the list?
Please allow at least four weeks before your proposed event date to ensure that your vendor is added to the high adventure list. GSCNC updates the list once a week, on Mondays. However, it may take your vendor some time to get the certificate sent to GSCNC by their insurance company.

Do high adventure vendors need to submit their COI every time a troop visits?
Vendor information will be available on our searchable database through the end of the COI policy date.  Once it expires, vendors will be contacted by the Council to submit a new copy of their policy in order to stay on the Approved High Adventure Vendor List.  Some insurance companies can automatically send new policies once they are created. 

The vendor says they've never been asked for a COI before by a Girl Scout group - why do we need one?
If they have never been asked for a COI before, that means that other leaders may not have been aware of these guidelines. By providing the COI, the vendor is making it easier for troops to find their information and use their services in the future. If an activity is high adventure, in order for a troop to participate, the COI needs to be on file with the council.

How will I know when you’ve received the Certificate Of Insurance?
COIs are updated once a week, on Mondays. You can check the high adventure database at to see if your vendor is now listed. It can take up to four weeks for a vendor to contact their insurance company, for the insurance company to forward the COI, and for it to be entered in the database. Please allow at least four weeks before calling.

When will I hear back about my questions?
The High Adventure phone line and email is checked twice a week, on Monday and Friday. If you call with a question, you will get a response on either the next Monday or Friday.

The vendor told me they’d like to advertise to Girl Scouts. Where should I refer them?
If a vendor is interested in advertising to Girl Scouts, you can refer them to the Program Department for information about advertising their programs on our website, email newsletter and Yellow Pages publication. They can contact the Program Department Assistant at

Why are hayrides considered high adventure?
Activities that involve motorized vehicles and the possibility of free-falling are often considered high adventure activities, even if it doesn’t seem like a dangerous activity. These guidelines are set in order to protect GSCNC and our members.

Why doesn't GSCNC allow go-carting or gun use?
GSCNC consults with our insurance company and volunteer committees about activities that GSUSA leaves to the discretion of councils. Our insurance company believes it is in the council’s best interest to not permit certain activities. Our firearms policy was thoroughly reviewed in 2007 by the Program Policies and Goals Committee, which is made up of volunteers from around the council.

We want to have a pool party at the home of one of our girls. What kind of insurance is needed?
If you are planning a Pool Party in a private home’s backyard, a copy of the homeowner’s insurance must be submitted for special approval.

Do I need a COI for a walking/photo tour? Scavenger hunt? Segway tour? 
You do not need a COI for walking/photo tours or scavenger hunts, provided they do not include high adventure components. Segway tours, however, are considered high adventure, and require a COI on hand.

Do I need to get a COI for Kings Dominion/Busch Gardens, etc.?
Large amusement parks like Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens and Six Flags America carry very high insurance. We do not require that you send us a COI from such facilities.

Do I need a COI for a state- or county-owned facility?
If a vendor is operated by a federal, state, or local government agency they are automatically approved by GSCNC.  They do not need to appear on the vendor list; you troop is free to use them.

Do I need a COI to take girls on the Metro or a Metro-bus?
Because Metro is public transportation, you do not need a COI.

My troop is flying to Savannah. Do we need a COI for the airline?
You do not need a COI from an airline, because their safety and insurance requirements are strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

If you have a question about whether or not a COI is required, please contact GSCNC.  To access the high adventure vendor database, go to

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