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SHARE Patch Frequently Asked Questions

To clarify any confusion on how the patch presentations, reporting and distribution works, here is an example scenario:

Service Unit SHARE Leader Mary stands up at her Service Unit meeting to tell all the troop leaders about the new SHARE patch. She explains the requirements for earning the patch and asks that they do what they can to make sure parents in the troop are receiving a direct ask for SHARE contributions. She may print out the information sheet to pass out or she can show a printed copy of the patch image. She should also emphasize that troops should not focus on the $10 average amount. That is just a baseline but troops shouldn't limit parents to a certain amount by focusing on the $10. A gift of any amount is appreciated, whether $2 or $221. Mary should tell the troop leaders to report back to her when they believe they're elligible for the patch.

After a month or so, troop leader Allison in Mary's SU believes her troop is elligible for the patch. She notifies Mary by e-mail, over the phone or in person at the next SU meeting that she thinks her troop has earned the patch. She gives mary her troop number and the number of girls in her troop. Mary then checks the totals on the website for her service unit. She looks at the number of gifts and total amount given by the troop and checks it against the number of girls that Allison told her are in her troop. If, based on these totals, the troop is elligible, Mary goes online and fills out the survey monkey to indicate that Allison's troop should receive patches. If the totals don't show that Allison's troop has met the requirements, Mary should go back to Allison and ask what might be missing. If Allison thinks gifts are still in the mail, Mary should wait until the next posting to confirm. If Allison said that there were special circumstances (based on financial constraints in the troop, the method by which the troop sent in donations, or something else) then Mary should use her judgement to determine whether Allison's troop is elligible or whether they should spend a little more time working toward the patch/asking families to contribute.

After the patch reporting deadline following Mary's filling out the survey, Mary will receive patches for the girls in Allison's troop and for any other troops in her SU for whom she filled out the survey. Mary should distribute these patches to Allison and any other troop leaders at their next Service Unit meeting. It is best for Mary to do this during her SHARE presentation/update as part of the meeting so that she thanks and congratulates Allison for earning the patch in front of the other troop leaders.

Where can I find basic information on the patch that I can present or hand out to troop leaders? For an overview of SHARE patch requirements, reporting and distribution, please visit this page on our website.


Can you provide more clarification on how the reporting works? Each Service Unit’s SHARE Leader is charged with reporting when a troop in the SU has achieved the patch requirements. Troop leaders should inform the SHARE leader when they’re eligible for the patch. The SUSL should check the SHARE totals to confirm that the troop has achieved the requirements. If it isn’t clear that the troop has achieved the requirements, the SHARE Leader should check back with them and ask them to clarify why there are fewer gifts than they’d need for the patch. Once the SHARE Leader has confirmed that the troop is eligible for the patch, she/he should fill out the survey for the troop to earn the patch. Please confirm the total amount and number of gifts given by the troop on the online gift report and complete the survey (a separate survey entry for each eligible troop).


What if a troop collects SHARE donations from parents and writes one check to SHARE for the troop?As discussed at the SHARE kickoff, we must emphasize the importance of capturing donor information this year. Those asking for and collecting SHARE contributions are strongly encouraged to deliver those donations to council as they were received. Our suggestion for troop leaders who are collecting donations from parents in this manner is, instead of sending one check to council, to go online and give each parents’ contribution using the troop debit card so that council has record of the donors’ names and amounts they gave and their gifts can count toward the 2/3 participation requirement. Please also remember that we don’t want to limit anyone’s contributions. It is advised that leaders ask parents to contribute and make sure they get a share envelope instead of pre-determining the amount that each troop family should give and having them add it to their check.


What happens to the troops that made a lump donation prior to the patch program requirements being shared?If a troop has special circumstances, they should discuss them with the SU SHARE Leader and if the SU SHARE Leader confirms that the troop is eligible, they will receive the patch.


A lot of our troops did the SHARE donations as a troop via change collection, bake sales, and yard sales.  The money would be put into share as 1 deposit.  Do we now have to break it up between the girls to get the patch since there is a requirement of 2/3 participation?When confirming a troop’s eligibility to earn the patch through money-earning sales and events, please confirm that at least 2/3 of the girls’ families participated in the event. In this case, as in others, it will be up to the SHARE Leader’s judgement to determine whether or not the troop is eligible for the patch. While the patch is designed as a motivation to ask parents/families to personally contribute to SHARE, we do not want to discourage troops from hosting events that are successful and promote the campaign. Therefore, when a leader comes to you and believes their troop has earned the patch through an event, please let them know how helpful this is in supporting SHARE and encourage them to also give their troop parents the opportunity to make a direct contribution.


How would a leader know how much a girl donated in order to receive a patch when the donation is in a sealed envelope?Leaders will not know how much each family contributed because the contributions are confidential and in sealed envelopes. However, both troop leaders and SU SHARE Leaders should refer to the totals posted twice a month to confirm the total given by the troop and the number of gifts given. This will allow them to determine the average gift per family in the troop. Troop leaders should tell SU SHARE Leaders when they think they may be eligible for the patch and SU SHARE Leaders should check the totals online to confirm.


What if I am a SU SHARE Leader and a troop leader comes to me saying they’ve earned the patch but, when I check the totals, they don’t show that the troop has met the requirements?In this case, go back to the troop leader and ask them to explain why there are fewer gifts or a lower dollar amount credited to the troop than they’d need to earn the patch. If they say that there is money in the mail, you should wait until the next posting to confirm that the contributions have been received by council and that they are accurately reported on. If they say that donations were clumped together, please ask for more details about how many families actually contributed and use your judgement as to whether or not the troop is eligible.

What if my service unit has incorporates a set SHARE contribution for each participant into the SU-wide activities that we do such as Encampment and has the SU Treasurer send one check to Council for the aggregate amount collected?  Would be acceptable for patch tracking purposes for me and troop leaders to track which troops participated in a SU activity with a SHARE contribution component and then what percentage of the girls in each troop participated?

Yes, you may determine eligibility for the patch based on the number of families who participated in an event with their girl’s troop. However, it is important for council to receive donations as they are given so that gift information can accurately saved in the fundraising database and, most importantly, so that donors can be thanked for their gifts. Whenever possible, please send gifts to council as they were received. If gifts are being collected at a


When a troop fulfills the SHARE patch requirements, does every girl in the troop get the patch?Yes, when the troop fulfills the patch requirements, every girl in the troop will get the patch, whether their family was able to contribute or not.


If you have other questions regarding the SHARE patch, please send an e-mail to share@gscnc.org and you will receive a clarification.


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