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Camp Stories

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Camp Stories from Girls:

At camp, I learned how to shoot archery, which I had never done before. I learned how to hold the bow and how to shoot it properly. I also learned the importance of safety. Archery, biking, making t-shirts and seeing the pooh tree were my favorite parts of camp.


I am proud that I came to camp alone with no family member with me. I had a lot of  fun and I definitely want to come back next summer.


Before I came to camp, I was really nervous about meeting the other girls. I liked being with girls I didn’t know before and I feel more comfortable trying new things. I think I’ve changed a lot because of camp.


My counselors at camp were really nice and they made me feel safe. They taught me a lot of new things about being outdoors. I went on nature walks and learned the trick: if it has three leaves, let it be. I also learned how to start a fire!


My favorite thing about camp was learning to cook my own food. I like that I got to do things like cook that I would not usually get to do.


This year at camp, I got to do so many things I had never done before like tie dye and archery. I was also excited that I learned how to make meals. I even got to make a cook book.


Camp taught me to not always stick with the same person and that it’s ok to make friends. I had lots of fun with all the new friends I made. We went on night hikes, had dance parties, and went star gazing. My counselors became my friends too. They were funny, nice, cool and just awesome!


I was homesick when I got to camp and my counselors helped my get through my homesickness.


I believe in myself more because of camp. I learned that I am independent and I can accomplish anything. I got to meet new people who listened to me and understood me. I also got to make many things out of duct tape which I didn’t know was possible!


It was cool to find out that I can trust myself being alone for a week. It’s hard to meet new people but, a few days in, I pretty much knew everyone. I liked being with girls I didn’t know before and I feel more comfortable trying new things.

Camp Stories from Parents:

Best experience my daughter has had in a long time. I was so nervous, but she hasn't stopped talking about camp, the counselors, the friends she made. Even though it was hot, they did all the things (sailing, windsurfing, kayaking) that they said they would do and the counselors were so energetic and friendly.


I was excitd to see that my daughter made several new friends and have made contact with them since she has been home.


Lauren loved her camp experience. I was so impressed with how well the camp ran and the counselors were amazing.’


My daughter loved her program (Striders) and her counselors, who took her on some awfully big adventures. Even during the extreme heat of the week she was there, she had no complaints about that, and couldn't wait to return to Winona. it's really a good program.


My daughter cried when I picked her up. It was "over too fast" and she wanted me to leave her at camp a little while longer. Obviously the counselors did a great job of making her feel safe and cared for.

Camp Stories from YOU:

To the team at Camp Crowell, Thanks for all the hard work you put into providing a fun filled camping each summer. The girls of former Girl Scout Troop 5804 would like to offer our thanks and pay it forward. We are sending the remaining funds in our treasury to the Send a Girl to Camp Fund so that other girls can experience the fun that we did. The check is in the mail! 

So many fond memories--friends, counselors (with great names like "Hobbit" )hiking, singing, swimming, wide games, flag ceremonies, cook outs, campfires, lashing branches to create tables for our campsite, counting 100 flowers before picking one, watching centipedes and tarantulas, looking out for rattlesnakes, craft-time, making lanyards, rope-making, re-using old (metal!) film cannisters and telephone wire in crafts, camping in the "covered wagon" tents at Camp Rio Blanco (Texas), and finally being old enough to be on the staff at camp! And then the not so fond memories: latrines!

My first experience in Girl Scouting was in 1935 at Girl Scout Camp O The Hills in Michigan. It was during the great depression and my parents couldn't afford the private camps. Even though I wasn't yet a Girl Scout, the Girl Scout camp accepted me. I think that the fee for the week was $18.00. I was 10 years old and it was my first camping experience. What a wonderful week that was. Too many "new" experiences to list here; but a few of the more memorable ones: Nightly campfires, somemores, learning the basics of swimming, daily tent inspection, paring potatoes, archery, and following trail signs. That fall I joined Troop 15 in Lansing. We never troop camped; but I returned to Camp O The Hills the next summer and the next. Later I became a G.S. Leader and a trainer. Also the mother of 2 Girl Scouts.

Tell us your camp story and we'll post it here.

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