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Sleep Away Camp Information 2015

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Sleep Away Camp Information Packet includes a packing list, bus and camp pickup and drop off times, camp addresses and phone numbers, information about sending mail to your camper, suggestions for preventing home missing, a schedule for a typical day at camp, letter writing tips, packing tips, health care information, information about bringing medication to camp and more.  PLEASE READ important information for parents!

Living Units
Each unit accommodates 12-24 campers and consists of a unit house or shelterlatrines or flush toilets (depending on camp), washstand or sinks (depending on camp), fire circle and screened glen shelters or platform tents. Each tent or glen shelter contains cots with matresses, mosquito netting and nightstands for four to six girls. Counselors are housed in a seperate glen shelter or platform tent in the unit (very near by). Most units do not have electricity. At night, the campers use their personal flash lights to find their way, and lanterns mark the location of the latrine, washstand and staff shelter. Girls are assigned living units by age and program.

glen shelter is a wooden structure with four screened sides, a wooden roof and a wooden floor. The canvas curtains can be closed in inclement weather. Glen shelters can be found at all four camps.

Platform tents have wooden floors with a large canvas tent over a wooden frame. There is an extra roof tarp over the top of the tent. There are platform tents at May Flather and Coles Trip.



Food service professionals prepare all meals except for cookouts. Campers are given an opportunity to plan a menu and cook outdoors or have a picnic at least once during their stay. Our food service staff can meet most special dietary needs. If your camper has special dietary needs, please specify this in writing on her health form. Vegetarian alternatives are available at every meal. For more information prior to registering, you may also contact Jenn Macios, Camping Specialist 202.274.3309.

Food Allergies
GSCNC Sleep Away Camps can accommodate most food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Please provide detailed information about your daughter's food allergies on her health form so we can best accommodate her at camp.  Gluten free alternatives can be provided for all meals and snacks.  Most of the food we serve is nut free, and nut free alternatives can be provided for all meals and snacks.  If your daughter has an EpiPen, please also complete the specialized health care form to provide additional information.  For questions about food allergies and dietary restrictions, please contact Jenn Macios, Camping Specialist 202.274.3309 before registering your daughter for camp.

Camp Staff
Staff members are carefully selected from applicants throughout the United States and around the world.  They are chosen for the maturity, program skills, and experience and are required to attend an intensive pre-camp training session given by GSCNC.  All staff members are 18 years of age or older.  A Health Manager is in residence at the health center.  Specially trained staff members direct the pool, waterfront, challenge course, and other specialty areas.  Employment Information

Non-Girl Scouts
Non-Girls Scouts are welcome to attend sleep away camp, but must register to
be part of the Girl Scout organization when registering for camp.  Girls must be registered with Nation’s Capital council.  Online camp registration will divert Non-Girl Scouts to a Girl Scout membership registration page, which you must complete before your camp registration is finalized.  The annual registration fee is $15.

You will be able to enter buddy information during the registration process. This will not guarantee that this person will be registered for the program. If your daughter would like to go to camp with a buddy, we encourage you to apply in a similar time frame so that you are both able to secure a space in the same program. In order to be buddies, girls must be registered for the same program, during the same week at the same camp.

Weekend Accommodations
There are no weekend accommodations available for campers, unless they are registered for a two-week program at Coles Trip.  All campers in the ACIT, WIT, CIT I, CIT II and JC programs must leave camp on the weekend.  There are no exceptions, as there is no adult supervision available.

Confirmation Packet
Within three weeks of registering for camp, you will receive a Confirmation Packet in the mail with additional information to help you and your camper prepare for Sleep Away Camp.  This will include a important parent information packethealth forms and packing list.

Email Confirmation
After registration, you will receive an immediate email confirmation. Make sure that the email address associated with your camper’s account is a parent’s email address that is checked often.  We will contact you regarding form submission, final payment, and other parent information using the email address associated with your camper’s account.

Health History
Girls attending sleep away camp must be in good health. Additional information and a health form will be mailed in your Confirmation Packet. Complete health information must be turned in.

Payment Information
A non-refundable registration deposit of $50 is due in order to complete the registration process. Final payment for all programs is due now.  Payment can be made with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express on our registration website.

Cancellations and Refunds 
The $50 registration deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of the camp fee (excluding the deposit) will be refunded if:

  • GSCNC receives a written notification of the withdrawal at least five weeks prior to the session.
  • The camper leaves camp due to illness or injury and GSCNC receives a written request for a refund within two weeks after she returns home. The refund will be pro-rated on a per diem basis.
  • A program is canceled and no alternate program is available.

If a camper leaves camp early due to homesickness or parent request, no refund will be given.

Program Cancellation
GSCNC reserves the right to cancel any program listed due to insufficient enrollment or other extenuating circumstances. Alternate programs or refunds will be offered.

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