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GSCNC Online Policy


Girl Scout troops/groups and service units may create a website or use social media to promote or communicate with members. When forming a troop/service unit Facebook, Twitter account, website or other form of social media you must have a GSCNC adult member as part of your group.  You may not use the Girl Scout lock-up/logo, the Council Lock-up/logo, or the profiles on your social media or website.

Girl Scout troops/groups and service units using social media must meet the age requirement established by social media channels, and all minor Girl Scouts must have a photo release form on file at their troop or service unit. We also recommend all troops/service unit obtain parental permission for girls to participate.   

Please notify the on-line and publications specialist of this social media page by emailing Angela Parsons at with the location of the page and the GSCNC adult member associated with this page.   If contacted by a member of the media through social media and asked to comment on a Girl Scout related issue, please refer them to our council's Public Relations Director Nancy Wood at or (202)-274-3304.  

Any website/domain that lists the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital as the copyright and/or owner of that webpage needs to be approved by a council staff member and admin rights need to be provided to the council's Information Services Department. Email the details.

When representing Girl Scouts on social media channels make safety a priority. Make sure the privacy standards settings ensure the safety of girls. Practice diligence to ensure that groups you are joining or linking to have standards consistent with Girl Scouts.  And make sure the messages you post do not conflict with Girl Scouts positions. Please contact your council representative if you need clarity. Use good judgment and common sense - do not write or post anything that would embarrass or upset Girl Scout members and volunteers, or reflect badly on our organization.  

Treat others as you want to be treated; do not use the internet to attack or abuse any group, race, gender, religion, political group. Careful monitoring of social media is important in maintaining a positive image of Girl Scouting. Remember that what you post online will be around for a long time, and remember that when you release something on-line, that's it can be released for the world to see. Use discretion and think twice before you post something. Respect others privacy and your own personal boundaries by using discretion when posting photos, comments, etc. When possible, please share articles/events from the Girl Scouts of Nation's Capital web site, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, E-edition, Capitalk newsletter to help spread the message of Girl Scouting.  

Social Media Photography/Graphic Guidelines

When using photographs of girls, only use photos of girls under at least one of the following circumstances:

a. You have a photo/media release form signed from a parent/legal guardian.

b. You have access to a copy of the activity parent permission form where the parent/legal guardian has granted permission for a girl's photo/media to be used from that event.

c. If the girls are attending an event that the girls registered through the council personify system and checked yes to the photo/media release through the council's registration system. 

Always have a parent's or guardian's permission before using pictures of girls on a web site. Do not tag or attach full names of Girls to the photos and never post girls' addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses.  

When using photographs of adults, council staff or a troop leader may request a photo release form for adults at any time depending on the event.

Review our Graphic Guidelines section for any internet use of the Girl Scout Trademark by clicking here Don't violate copyright law by using designs, text from magazines or books, poetry, music, lyrics, videos, graphics or trademarked symbols without specific permission from the copyright or trademark . And last but not least, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, see our latest videos on YouTube, read our blog and join our Flickr group and donate some Girl Scout related photos to our group. We'd love to hear from you!


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