The Daisies and Brownies of Girl Scout Troop 239 in North Potomac made crafts to donate to homeless animals at the Montgomery County Humane Society.  They made two animal beds, 25 cage tags, and 88 toys.For Girls

Ten Ways To Celebrate the Inauguration

The upcoming Presidential Inauguration is drawing great interest from girls. They are tuning in, not only because of the historic significance, but also according to a study by Girl Scouts of the USA: Change It Up! What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership, girls set the bar very high for what it takes to be a leader. They aspire to leadership roles that are purpose driven and oriented towards social change. Girls can earn a participation patch for completing any of these activities. 

Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital offers the following tips to help girls get involved with the inauguration:

  1. Connect and share pictures with GSCNC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  2. Visit for more information about events taking place for the Inauguration. 
  3. Learn the Presidential Oath of Office. 
  4. If you are in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day (January 21), look for a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Volunteer and introduce yourself. (Hint: They will be wearing a red tunic over their coat)
  5. Make your own top 10-list—a list of issues that are of concern to you and your family. Write a letter to the President about one of those issues and tell him how you plan to make a difference in your community. 
  6. Watch the swearing-in and/or parade in person or on television.
  7. Participate in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service activity. Find a volunteer opportunity here;
  8. Find someone who voted for the first time in this election. Get their perspective on the election, the results and what this election means to them. Find another person who has voted in at least 5 elections, and ask them the same questions. Compare their responses.
  9. Contact a nursing home in your area and ask if you can host an Inauguration Watch Party for the residents. Talk to them about their voting experiences and their memories of past Inaugurations.
  10. Purchase the special Inauguration 2013 fun patch at the Girl Scout Council Shop.

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