Senior Troop 1431 from Arlington, VA ready for zip lining at Council event near Harper's Ferry. Photo by Ellen Smythe.CapiTalk News

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Troop News from April Submissions

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Troop 5126 standing with shovels and tree at Rockville Civic Center. Troop 5126 Planted a Tree at Rockville Civic Center

The Cadettes of Troop 5126 of Potomac and Rockville, Maryland finished up their TREES badge by working with the City of Rockville's Chief Horticulturalist Rob Orndorff and planted a "goldenraintree" at Civic Center Park in Rockville. Mr. Orndorff explained that since the Rockville Civic Center Mansion was a historic location, the Goldenraintree that was planted replaced an original one that had died. The original trees are over 100 years old.  These beautiful trees line the road leading up to the Mansion.  The girls followed the instructions of the Chief Horticulturalist - shoveling dirt, topping with mulch and watering, and one of the girls added her own - kissing the plant for good luck! The troop plans to go back over the summer to see how the tree is doing.  Submitted by Sujata Finn.

Cadette troop 2314 standing at table with a food prepared.

New Cuisines Badge

Cadette troop 2314 of Potomac earned the New Cuisines badge. First, the girls had a potluck dinner and created an international cookbook for World Thinking Day. A few weeks later, they gathered for another dinner with a southern twist. They learned to make homemade salad dressing, mac and cheese, ambrosia salad and hummingbird cake. Submitted by Jen Dolan.

Junior Troop 3643 standing in front of a Fire Engine.

Volunteer Firehouse Visit

Junior Troop 3643 of Rockville, MD spent the evening getting a thorough tour of Rockville Volunteer Department Station 3.  Also, they delivered over forty boxes of Girl Scout cookies as the Firehouse were their "Gift of Caring" recipients.  The firefighters EMTs very appreciative and the girls were pleased to donate cookies. Submitted by Allison Berg Karasik.

Troop 544 present a display focuing on French Culture. Focusing on French Culture for World Thinking Day

Juniors in Troop 544 of Potomac, Maryland celebrated French culture at Service Unit 33-9's World Thinking Day celebration. The girls researched the history, literature and traditions of France and shared the glory of French bakeries by serving madeleine cookies to the Girl Scout who came to the celebration. Submitted by Kerry Brookes-Hebden.

Troop 5881 in Girl Scout Cookie Costumes Troop-2-Troop Cookie Drop-off Event

Senior Troop 5881 of Springfield/Lorton spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the USO Warrior and Family Center at Ft. Belvoir for the Troop-2-Troop Cookie Drop-off event. The girls worked hard checking in the donations, painting faces, & managing the props in the photo area. Submitted by Vonda Peterson.

Group Photo of Girl Scouts from Association 31 with a female firefighter. Earning Two Badges in March

Girls from Association 31 participated in badge earning projects in March and earned two badges.  Girls visited 4 sewing stations where they learned simple techniques on how to sew. They also learned how to sew a flower with a button in the center.  The girls visited with a female fire fighter who taught them how to check and prepare their smoke alarm monthly, change the batteries yearly and have an exit plan in case of an emergency. She also taught the girls to write down important numbers in case of an emergency.  They had 3 volunteers from Washington DC Metro who taught the girls about safety on buses and trains. They also helped teach the girls how to map out a trip from DC.  Finally, teen girls reviewed bad habits that the girls may have and how to turn them into good habits.  The girls earned their Independence badge and GEICO Art of Independence badge. The girls had a great time! Submitted by Julie Mulkey.

Cadette troop 5537 shared Canadian Culture at Service Unit 33-9's World Thinking Day celebration.

Troop 5537 Represented Canada at World Thinking Day Event

Reading red and white and carrying maple leaf flags, Cadette troop 5537 of Potomac, Maryland shared the culture, history, geography, food and national summer sport of Canada at Service Unit 33-9's World Thinking Day celebration. We bet you didn't know that Lacrosse was first declared the National Game of Canada in 1859!  All 100+ girls who attended were able to gently try out the lacrosse stick while trying one of the cookies with a maple leaf imprint.  Submitted by Jenn Primerano.

Group Photo of troops 2920, 5378 and 2415 at the Disney Educational Series in Florida. Girl Scouts Attend a Disney Educational Series in Florida

These are pictures from troop 2920, 5378 and 2415 on an Disney Educational Series in Florida in January. The trip was a very successful one and they hope to go back again soon.  Submitted by Mary Martin.

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