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Here you can find news about what Girl Scouts are doing throughout our Council. Is your Troop doing something interesting? Share it with the Council! Send a short description and pictures to

Troop News from August Submissions

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Making Dreams Come True - Troop 6260 Car Wash Making Dreams Come True - Troop 6260 Car Wash

Members of Girl Scout Troop 6260 of Silver Spring, MD pulled out their signs, soap, sponges, and water buckets to raise funds to help make their dreams come true.  The troop sponsored a car wash at the Burtonsville Fire Station, where they washed lines of cars, SUVs, and even a motorcycle.  Donations from the car wash will help the girls fund a portion of their transportation costs to Florida in January 2015 for a Disney Youth Education Series Program. Submitted by Sabrina Breedlove, Photos by Cherie Rogers.

Troop 2064 sent soccer balls to a group of children in Benin Troop 2064 Donated Girl Sport soccer balls to Benin Education Fund

Junior/Cadette troop 2064 used a portion of their proceeds from cookie sales to purchase Girl sport soccer balls for a soccer tournament in Benin.  During their research for World Thinking Day, the troop discovered that children in Benin love to play soccer but often do not have soccer balls. Many of the girls in the troop play sports and decided that they wanted to send soccer balls to a group of children in Benin.   The girls participated in several booth sales to include a special booth sale at the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies.  Their donation was given to the Benin Education Fund who will transport the soccer balls this month. Way to go troop 2064! Submitted by Lori Huff-Herald.

Veteran Pins Pin on Girl Scout

Girl Scouts Honor Veterans

Girl Scouts attended a ceremony for WWII Veterans who survived the second big D-Day landing called Operation Dragoon.  This is the 70th anniversary and to honor these veterans a ceremony was held at the Arlington National Cemetery Amphitheatre. 

Troop 6202 getting ready to plant a tree. Junior Scouts Bronze Award "Take Action" Project

Congratulations on a job well done to the Juniors of Multilevel Troop 6202 (Waldorf).  They completed Phase I of their Bronze Award Project which included making landscaping improvements to the playground area of Jenifer Elementary School.  The second and final phase of their project will be a "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" Workshop in  September at John Hanson Middle School (Waldorf, Maryland).  Submitted by Dewanna Knight.

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