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Troop News from December Submissions

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Brownie Troop 5000

Girl Scouts Hosted Holiday Party

In December, Brownie Troop 5000 hosted a holiday party to benefit the Betty Ann Krahnke Domestic Violence Shelter in Gaithersburg. The event was attended by 23 girls and Santa Claus. Girls received a Holiday Magic Patch, meet with Santa, made holiday cards for The BAK Center residents and decorated cookies. Each girl from Troop 5000 brought a dish representative of their family culture as part of the My Family Story badge. Attendees from other troops, as well as troop 5000 brought items needed by the BAK center. Troop 5000 girls learned about lighting and event decor and were very involved in planning and decorating for the event. They hope to make this an annual event. Submitted by Alysha DiGiorgio and Solly Ortega.

Brownie/Junior Troop 1192 stuffed stockings for the Salvation Army Stockings for the Salvation Army

Brownie Junior Troop 1192 from Bowie Maryland donated items and stuffed stockings for the Salvation Army.  The girls packed 20 stockings for girls their age.  They brought in items such as gloves, hairbrushes, crayones, card games, toothpaste, and even a Barbie doll for each stocking.  Submitted by leaders Lora Harbison and Angelle Lopez.

Brownie Junior Troop 1192 Christmas Families Program at the Christian Community Presbyterian Church of Bowie

Brownie Junior Troop 1192 from Bowie Maryland helped sort and pack food for 125 needy families.  The girls participated in the annual Christmas Families program at the Christian Community Presbyterian Church of Bowie.  The girls were given shopping lists for each family, then went into the stockroom and picked out the items for the bags.  Each family received five to seven bags of food and holiday items.  Submitted by leaders Lora Harbison and Angelle Lopez.

Daisy Troop 5855 from Clarksburg, Maryland visited the Bee Folks apiary in Mount Airy, Maryland Bee Folks Apiary

Girl Scout Daisy Troop 5855 from Clarksburg, Maryland visited the Bee Folks apiary in Mount Airy, Maryland.  The girls saw the wintering honeybee hives outdoors and watched the active honeybees in an indoor observation hive.  They learned about the role of honeybees as advantageous insects in a garden as part of their Daisy Journey and discovered many uses of beeswax including candles and lip balm.  The most popular part of the visit was the tasting of different varieties and flavors of honey!  Photos by Chris Smith. Submitted by Anne Scott.

Troop 2328 from Woodbridge, Virginia standing at the Wall with the Christmas Tree. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Christmas Tree Ceremony

Daisy/Brownie Troop 2328 from Woodbridge, Virginia, attended the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) Christmas Tree ceremony at the Wall. Volunteers helped decorate the Christmas Tree with handmade cards and ornaments fonated from around the country and it will be on display throughout the holiday season. Speakers included Lt. Gen. Claude M. Kicklighter, USA (Ret.), and Chief Master Sgt. Jose A. LugoSantiago, USAF. Submitted by Jacqui Bull

Cadette Troop 5126 drinking tea at the Tudor House Tea at the Tudor House

Cadette Troop 5126 went to tea at the Tudor House in Georgetown where they experienced the idea of food pairings.  In this case, different flavors of tea were matched with different types of chocolate. It was a delightful experience!  The girls then toured the festively decorated Tudor House, which was purchased by George Washington's granddaughter, Martha.  The house was continuously occupied by the family until it was converted to a foundation dedicated to historic preservation in the 1980's. Submitted by Christina Halpern.

Service Unit 31-2 Hosting a Zumba Event Zumba Event

Service Unit 31-2 hosted a Zumba event for all Girl Scout levels.  The picture to the left is with Cadettes and older girls and their Zumba dance instructor.  Fun was had by all. Submitted by Julie Mulkey.

Junior Troop 3459 Completing Thier Take Action Project

Busting Stereotypes

Junior Troop 3459 of Rockville and Potomac, Maryland completed a Take Action project for the aMUSE Journey.  Each girl created a large poster that "busted a stereotype." Each of the girls drew a picture of a girl or boy doing something that someone else thought they shouldn't be able to do. The girls then talked about everything that they could accomplish.  The larger poster reached a large audience as it was hung at Ritchie Park Elementary School where it received many compliments from teachers, administrators and parents. Submitted by Christina Halpern.

Senior Troop 5881 at Camp Crowell Winter Camping at Camp Crowell

Senior Troop 5881 from Springfield/Lorton had a busy weekend at Camp Crowell.  They held bridging and rededication ceremonies, worked on their Locavore and Game Visionary Badges, and reviewed the requirements for their Gold Awards.  They decorated the cabin with cut-out snowflakes and colored Christmas lights, and were thrilled to wake up to snow!  By the time they left, the camp was truly a winter wonderland! Submitted by Vonda Peterson.

TOGA Sewing and Stuffing Party TOGA Sewing and Stuffing Party

Twenty girls from TOGA (Taskforce for Older Girls of Ashgrove), Associations 56, 50, and 51 in Fairfax County, seven troops including a 6th grade troop and girls from every grade in high school helped make and stuff stockings for Cornerstones. These girls traced, pinned, cut, sewed, sorted, stuffed, and tagged 36 stockings. Submitted by Debi Miles and Jinny Jang.

Girl Scouts donating to the Hugheville Food Pantry Hughesville Baptist Church Food Pantry

Brownie Troop 5030 (SU12-4) from Hughesville visits the Hughesville Baptist Church Food Pantry to dropping off food they collected and learn more about how the pantry helps people in their community in need. Submitted by leaders Tricia Hamilton & Angie Smith.

Girl Scouts from Association 12 The Life of Sister of a Girl Scout

A look back into the life of sister Girl Scouts, a Daisy and a Brownie from Hughesville, MD.  Through the eyes of the Leader (Mom).  Photos captured by Tricia Hamilton, Submitted by 12-4 Local Press Rep, Lynn Tarburton.

Game Night at the Raphael House Assisted Living Home

Girl Scout Junior Troop #3643 of Rockville, MD did a "game night" with the residents of the Raphael House Assisted Living Home.  The residents and girls enjoyed an afternoon of Pictionary and Trivia.  Fun was had by all! Submitted by Allison Berg Karasik.

Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts of Troop 3288 Locavore Pumpkin Project

The Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts of Troop 3288 provided a specially created dinner for the residents of Sophia House women’s shelter in Rockville, MD on Sunday December 1, 2013 for their “Take Action” project as part of the Sow What Journey.  Read More...

Cadette Girl Scouts at the Reston Holiday parade Reston Holiday Parade

Girl Scouts from all levels from both Association 51 and 56 attended and rode along in the Reston Holiday Parade.  Submitted by Cara McConnell.

LaPlata MD's Veteran’s Day Parade

Daisy Troop 2028 and Brownie Troop 5030 from Hughesville honored our US Military & Veteran’s marching in the LaPlata MD Veteran’s Day Parade on November 10th..  Submitted by Tricia Hamilton & Crystal Kraus.

Trrop 6194 at the Crime Lab

Special Agent Badge

Cadette Troop 6194 from Gaithersburg, MD visited the Montgomery County Police Crime Lab as part of their work on the Special Agent badge.  The girls learned about the different units within the crime lab and what they do, how fingerprints are used to identify suspects, saw the lab facilities, fingerprinted themselves and lifted fingerprints from a “crime scene”.   The girls discovered that careers in the forensic sciences use a lot of math and science skills.  The tour was led by a forensic specialist who is a member of the Crime Scene unit.  She shared that 70% of the members of her unit are women. Submitted by Photo by Jenn Johannes.

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