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Troop News from June Submissions

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Cadette Troop 164 at their Girl Scout Cookie Booth Selling Girl Scout Cookies. Highlights for Cadette Troop 164

Cadette Troop 164 had a stellar Girl Scout Year with working at their Girl Scout Cookie Booth, going snow tubing, attending a murder mystery dinner and skiing. Submitted by Jacquelyn Gadoua-Jan

Cadette Troop 5126 on stage. AMAZE Journey

Cadette Troop 5126 of Rockville and Potomac, Maryland finished the aMAZE Journey by putting on a skit about being inclusive at their former elementary school's after school care program.  The girls worked closely with Mrs. Caroline Capoccia, the elementary school guidance counselor, shown in the picture, on the skit's content. Although it took a lot of time to do, the girls said that they really enjoyed writing, editing, rehearsing, revising and doing more rehearsals to come up with the finished product. Submitted by Christina Halpern

A group photo of troop 3459 at an Adventure Park Sign Junior Troop 3459 Celebrated the End of Another Year in Scouting

The girls of Junior Troop 3459 finished their year with an outing to Adventure Park in Sandy Spring, Maryland on Scout Night. The girls loved the ropes course that connected the really tall trees and the ziplining between trees.  Submitted by Christina Halpern

Cadette Troop 2745 playing games at the Teddy Bear Tea to entertain the Kindergarteners. Teddy Bear Tea

Cadette Troop 2745 held a Teddy Bear Tea for the Kindergarteners at their school. They are trying to help get a new Daisy troop started up. Way to go Girls! The girls had a lot of fun decorating cookies, playing games and singing songs. Submitted by Monica Stockton.

Troop 6202 in front of Six Flags. Girl Scout Day at Six Flags

Troop 6202 met and greeted other troops at Girl scout day at Six Flags. Submitted by Sherl White.

Troops 2288/1273 at the Vita Voices event with Prita Patkar. Vital Voices

Troops 2288/1273 attended a Vital Voices event that was quite an experience for the girls!  they met many of the W awardees on our way out and got to stop for photos. Submitted by Jennifer Manguera.

Troop 6202 posed in a group photo from the Rainbow Tea Event. Rainbow Tea

Brownies in Troop 6202 had a “Rainbow Tea” where they learned table etiquettes and all about their favorite tea’s. They also spent some time making cupcake teacups. Submitted by Sherl White.

Girl Scout from troop 6202 playing with a hula hoop at the Encampment. The Wizard of Oz Encampment

Troop 6202 had a lot of fun at the Wizard of oz Encampment. Submitted by Sherl White.

Troop 2064 in front of the pool at Great Wolf Lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge

Girl Scout troop 2064 went to great wolf lodge for their end of the year trip.  The girls had lots of fun meeting other Girl Scouts and participating in the great wolf lodge junior lifeguard/water safety program. It was a great way to end the scout year. Submitted by Lori Huff-Herald.

Junior Troop 2613 standing in front of sign for "Motown the Musical". Girl Scouts in New York City

Junior Troop 2613 had an action-packed weekend in New York City where the scouts participated in a Broadway workshop and went to see "Motown the Musical.'' The scouts even met with cast members! The trip capped off a year-long journey to earn their Bronze Award. The troop focused on the role of women in the civil rights movement - interviewing veterans, producing a video, attending a special documentary screening and hosting a program at Metropolitan AME church. Submitted by Deborah Berry.

 Senior Troop 5881 taking a group photo at the Beach Sandy Point State Park Beach

Senior Troop 5881 of Springfield/Lorton celebrated the end of their scouting year with a day at the beach, Sandy Point State Park, MD.  It was a gorgeous day and they are already making plans for another beach trip next year! Submitted by Vonda Peterson

Click to View Girl Scout Video (.mov file) Girl Scouts Make Video to Help Earn Bronze Award

A Girl Scout Troop identified a problem they wanted to address. They focused on kids spending too much time on their electronic devices and not enough time outside interacting with each other in person.  They decided the best way to reach their intended audience would be a video.  This project helped them earn their Bronze Award. Submitted by Kathy Sinniger.

Troop 2288 on Segways
Teen Troop Segways to Summer

Troop 2288 of Silver Spring celebrated another fun and productive year of scouts by doing a City Segway Tour of DC. Submitted by Jennifer Manguera.  

A Celebration of the Girl Scout year by Troop 4694

Troop 4694 held their bridging and end of the year celebration.   During the ceremony, the girls talked about some of the activities and journeys they completed during the year.  View the slide show that was shown during the ceremony and was made by Emily M. a Cadette from Sacred Heart Troop 4894. Their first grade Daisies bridged to Brownies. Their 3rd grade Brownies bridged to Juniors.  Special recognition awards were given to parents who helped with troop meetings, cookie booths, and to our troop cookie manager. To encourage more dads to participate, they  presented a special recognition Dad award. The parents provided a lovely reception that included pupusas, fried chicken, fruit salad and cup cakes! Submitted by Liz Mora.

Senior Troop 518 holding up oars. Senior Troop 518 Kayaking

Senior Troop 518 had a great day kayaking at Brighton Dam Reservoir to celebrate spring and get outdoors! Submitted by Carole Levy.

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