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Here you can find news about what Girl Scouts are doing throughout our Council. Is your Troop doing something interesting? Share it with the Council! Send a short description and pictures to

Troop News from March Submissions

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Troop 1369 working on their Silver Award Project

Silver Award Introducing Military Awareness

Two Girls in troop 1369 earned their Silver Award by introducing Military Awareness via Military Card & Paracord Bracelet making at Martin Luther King MS, Golden Corral, Camp Greentop, and Seneca Creek Community Church. The girls organized these groups to make 540+ cards which went to Operation Second Chance for the injured at Walter Reed and Treat the Troop soldiers over Seas. For two years, the girls studied the military world before they decided to share what they have learned. They've been told that people at their events have contacted Treat the Troops asking if they can also donate cards. Even though the girls completed their Silver Award, they are not finished. They and other GS are planning an event to supply them with cards to hand out to Vets on Veterans Day. Submitted by Terry Wambach.

Troop 81247 Giving Cookies to Sgt. Kauffman

Silver Award Project... Raise Awareness of the Wounded Warrior Project

Girl Scouts from troop 81247 worked to raise awareness of the Wounded Warrior Project and host a " Join Forces" Walk a Thon at their school.
They did planning meetings throughout the year. They did 8 public service announcements at places like Lion's Club, their school and Rotary. Their Girl Scout Troop did a Hometown Heroes cookie drive and gave them to at the Walk a Thon. It was a great way to celebrate Maryland Day!

Troop 1404 grouped around donations for baby.

For a Future Girl Scout

Troop 1404, Juniors and Cadettes, collected baby items to donate to the first baby girl born on March 12, 2015. In addition to various items, including a Future Girl Scout onsie and bib, each girl wrote a note to the newborn baby to say what she liked about being a Girl Scout and encouraging her to become a Girl Scout in the future. The hospital and family graciously allowed the following to be posted on the hospital's facebook page.

"Girl Scouts was founded by Juliette Gordon Low on March 12, 1912 and this day is celebrated each year by millions of Girl Scouts in the United States. A local Herndon Girl Scout Troop celebrated this 103rd birthday by donating a basket of goodies to the first baby girl born at our hospital today.

This "future girl scout" and her family received a warm welcome thanks to Girl Scouts Troop 1404"

 Troop 3487 at the NSA-National Cryptologic Museum

Earning the Detective/Secret Agent Badge

Troop 3487 went to the NSA-National Cryptologic Museum and worked on their Detective/Secret Agent badges. They girls learned about coding and encrypting secret messages using different methods past and present, created secret messages, learned about finger printing, and interpreting body language. Submitted by Orit Almagor.

Troop 3014 Hosting Thinking Day Event

SU 55-2's Thinking Day event, hosted by Cadette Troop 3014

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 3014, from Service Unit 55-2 of the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital hosted a very fun World Thinking Day event at Falls Church High School on Friday, February 27th. World Thinking Day is a day of friendship, advocacy and fundraising for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world that started back in 1926. Each troop chose a country, researched it and then shared what they learned. They represented their country by bringing food, swaps, a flag, and a display with all different details and fun facts! Many countries were represented this year: the Bahamas, Bolivia, France, Germany, Iraq, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Russia, and Sweden. To help the girls seek out more information about different cultures and traditions, Troop 3014 put together scavenger hunts where the answers could be found in the troops’ displays. Over 300 girls came and had a lot of fun! All money raised was donated to local and international Girl Scout charities. Submitted by Shelly Uhlir.

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