Senior Troop 1431 from Arlington, VA ready for zip lining at Council event near Harper's Ferry. Photo by Ellen Smythe.CapiTalk News

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Troop News from May Submissions

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Adventure Day Adventure Day

Troops from across Virginia attended Adventure Day on May 18. The event was sponsored by Association 90 but open council-wide. It featured over 70 activities and vendors including animals, a climbing wall, a rope bridge, and a number of high adventure vendors. In the pictures to the left (click on the photos for a larger view) you can see that this Daisy Girl Scout looks just as amazed as her Junior sister standing in big bubble, while a Senior Girl Scout gets to sit on top of a 1600 lb Texas Longhorn Steer. Submitted by George Bain.

Troop 1171 Blanket Donations at Military Hospital

Troop #1171 made blankets by hand for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a Military Hospital. After they finished making the blankets, they were donated to the hosipital and the girls were awarded certificates, a medal for the good deed, and pins. All of the girls worked hard and are very proud of their donation project. Way to go Girls! Submitted by Vani Sahni.

Ronnie Mayfest Painting Faces Lovettsville Troop Dad Raises $200.00 for SHARE

The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital's Levettsville Troop would like to thank Ronnie Price for volunteering at their Lovettsville Mayfest booth. Ronnie painted 40 faces in five hours without a break, and raised $200.00 for the Girl Scouts SHARE fund which provides financial assistance to girls who cannot otherwise afford scouting. An additional $23.00 was raised by girls at our booth who, inspired by Ronnie, volunteered to paint faces too.

Ronnie has discovered by volunteering for events with his daughter's Brownie troop, that he really enjoys face painting. Visitors to our booth were mesmerized as they watched Ronnie do his magic. The Girl Scouts look forward to having Ronnie at their booth for Mayfest 2014! Submitted by Melani Carty.

GirlTopia Music Video by Troop 5881

Girltopia Music Video

Troop 5881 of Springfield/Lorton earned their Visionary Award for the Girltopia Journey by writing a song about women’s rights, compiling works of art and photos of their Girl Scout adventures, and turning it all into a music video which they posted on YouTube.  It was a very rewarding project and they had a lot of fun making it. Submitted by Vonda Peterson.

Watch GirlTopia Music Video by Troop 5881.

Lovettsville Memorial Day Ceremony Lovettsville Memorial Day Ceremony

The Lovettsville Girl Scouts were deeply honored to participate in today's Lovettsville Memorial Day ceremony. The Daisy, Brownie and Junior levels were well represented. The girls led the Pledge of Allegiance, raised the flag, and carried a wreath in a procession to the flagpole. I am very proud of our Lovettsville Girl Scouts, they did a great job. Submitted by Melani Carty.

Barry Lee from 92.5 WINC-FM in Winchester, VA with Kristen Marino's daughter  from troop 40892 in Charles Town, WV A Brownie in Action

During a snow day in the winter/early spring, a troop leader and her daughter were listening to the radio.  The announcer said that with more cold weather coming up, he just wanted to sit at home and eat cookies.  The troop leader's daughter decided he should eat Girl Scout cookies, so she called the station and asked if he would like to buy some and he did; two boxes of thin mints!  They delivered the cookies to him the following day and he gave them a tour of the radio station.  It was a great experience! Photo features Barry Lee from 92.5 WINC-FM in Winchester, VA with Kristen Marino's daughter from troop 40892 in Charles Town, WV. Submitted by Kristen Marino.

Junior/Brownie Troop 4409 Sandy Spring Adventure Park

Junior/Brownie Troop 4409 from Greenwood Elementary in Brookeville, MD went to the Sandy Spring Adventure Park in Sandy Spring, Maryland. The Adventure Park is an aerial forest park where our girls put on harnesses and other safety equipment and jumped into the trees!!! There were 13 separate courses of varying levels of difficulty. Each course had zip lines but primarily consisted of “testing bridges” between tree platforms made of rope, cable and wood configurations creating over 150 unique challenges. The girls and their parents developed skills, endurance, and confidence during the 3 1/2 hours they were there. The girls had been saving their money all year for this excursion. It was such an amazing team building experience.

Members of Troop 3334 at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

During the 2012-2013 cookie season, Troop 3334 designated St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as its Gift of Caring.  On May 17, 2013, a total of 115 boxes of Girl Scout cookies (and personalized cards) were delivered to the St. Jude campus in Memphis, TN.  This amount included cookie donations from 3 other troops in the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.  The cookies will be distributed to patients and families residing in the 3 temporary housing facilities located on the St. Jude campus. Submitted by Cherie Rogers.

Troop 40736 Daisy Flower Garden Journey

Troop 40736 planted flowers at their local town park as part of the Daisy Flower Garden Journey. Submitted by Tracy Richmond.

Troop 40195 Colonial Farm Living

Troop 40195 from Shepherdstown had a brownie event at an old historical farm where the older girls taught the younger girls about life on a colonial farm. The girls learned their scripts and wore costumes they had made themselves. The girls had a fun day! Submitted by Jen Wabnitz.

Cleaning Up Malcolm King Park - Troop 3055 Cleaning Up Malcolm King Park

Girl Scout troop 3055 held an event at Malcolm King Park in Gaithersburg, MD. Troop 3055 organized this event to help clean up the community and to achieve their bronze award. Six troops from the service unit 33-06 participated in helping beautify the park. The city of Gaithersburg suggested the location, provided the supplies, and picked up and disposed of all the trash that the Girl Scouts collected. Together they picked up 14 large bags of trash and marked 41 storm drains with stickers that said, “Don’t pollute - flows to the Chesapeake Bay.” “We decided that we wanted to clean up Malcolm King Park because we wanted to improve our environment, to make a difference, and make it a better place to live,” said Girl Scout Troop 3055.

Lovettsville Girl Scout Palooza Lovettsville Girl Scout Palooza

Girl Scouts attended the first annual Lovettsville Girl Scout Palooza in April in Lovettsville, VA and earned their Celebrating Community badge. They explored community symbols and studied landmarks by visiting three important Lovettsville places. The girls collected canned and boxed food items as well as donated 111 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the Lovettsville Food Bank. Submitted by Melani Carty.

First Baptist Church of Highland Park Girl Scouts First Baptist Church of Highland Park Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

First Baptist Church of Highland Park Girl Scouts, representing Troops 2636, 3100, 3101 and 2308, from Service Unit 22-2, participated in their annual bridging ceremony on May 9, 2013. There were a total of eighteen girls that bridged up to various levels. They celebrated the advancement by passing through a bridge of balloons and taking off their old vest/sash and putting on the one for the level they are advancing to. All of the girls seem to be excited about the adventure that lies ahead, along with their added responsibility to themselves and to Girl Scouts. Submitted by Jane McCray.

Buy a Box of Girl Scout Cookies for a Soldier Buy a Box of Girl Scout Cookies for a Soldier
Troop 1067 in Brookeville MD promoted "Buy a Box for a Soldier" which was a goal to collect 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for 100 soldiers in Kuwait.  This troop collected 149 boxes and sent them early this spring.  The soldiers were thrilled.  Click on the image to the left to view the article the battalion posted describing the cookie collection. Submitted by Katy Tzamaras.

Junior Troop 2325 Nation's Capital Patch

Junior troop 2325 from McLean toured Washington D.C. on April 15th to earn the Nation’s Capital patch. The girls started early in the morning with the Arlington Cemetery, then proceeded to the Extra Mile where they found Juliette G. Low’s medallion. Next they toured through the Women in the Art museum and then had an extended guided tour through the Library of Congress. While visiting the Portrait Gallery, they found the portrait of Juliette G. Low. The rounded out their day by touring the National Postal Museum. It was a day filled with lots of walking and riding the metro and tons of impressions to take home. Photos by troop leader Barbara Leiber-Klotz.

Girl Scout at Camp Highroad Camp Highroad

Junior Troop 2325 from McLean had a great time during their spring camping trip at Camp Highroad in Middleburg, VA. An archery and canoeing session were the activities for Saturday afternoon and they worked on their Bronze Award projects on Sunday morning, ending with a nice hike through this beautiful campground. submitted by Barbara Leiber-Kolz.

Daisy Girl Scout Troop 2855 and Brownie Girl Scout Troop 2911 Dentist Office Visit

Daisy Girl Scout troop 2855 and Brownie Girl Scout troop 2911 visited the Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group in Silver Spring Md with Dr. Kabasela.  The girls have learned how important it is to brush and take care of your teeth at an early age. Submitted by Mary Martin.

Cadette Troop 282 Fire Station Service

Gift of Caring cookies were delivered to five Springfield area fire stations in April and May by Cadette Troop 282.  As part of their delivery, the Cadettes planted flowers at three stations.  To maximize their coverage, the girls split into small teams and reached out to the Franconia, Lorton, and West Springfield fire stations on the same day.  After delivering cookies and planting flowers, the girls met at a rendezvous location and compared before & after photos, with the best “after” photo winning a prize.  The firefighters were very appreciative. Submitted by Gina Cotton. Photos by Andrea O’Grady.

Cadette Troop 675 from Annandale, VA Encampment at Prince William Forest Park

Cadette Troop 675 from Annandale, VA, had another adventuresome weekend. The Girls went to the SU 55-5 Encampment at Prince William Forest Park. The best part was hiking down to the lake and waterfall. They also ran the patch program Grow Strong for the encampment and made dinner for 108 Girl Scouts. Cadette Troop 675 is full of confident, creative, inquisitive and intrepid girls. Submitted by Kate Lauderdale.

Camp Brighton Woods - First Baptist Church of Highland Park Girl Scouts Camp Brighton Woods

The Girl Scouts of First Baptist Church of Highland Park, Landover, MD spent the day at Brighton Woods learning about camp safety, fire safety and camp rules and regulations. They were also taught about latrine duties, camp gear, cooking. The girls represent Troops: 236, 3100, 3101,an 2308 all in Service Unit 22-2. Submitted by Jane McCray.

Cherry Blossom Parade - First Baptist Church of Highland Park Girl Scouts Cherry Blossom Parade

First Baptist Church of Highland Park Girl Scouts representing Troops 2636, 3101 and 2308 marched in the National Cherry Blossom Parade. The Daisy, Junior and Senior troops did a Wonderful job carrying the banners for the Wizard Girls and SUCAMPO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Submitted by Jane McCray.

Girl Scouts at Twin Oaks Riding Academy Twin Oaks Riding Academy

Daisy Troop 3604 from SU 54-14 at Willow Springs Elementary School in Fairfax, VA  visited Twin Oaks Riding Academy.  They learned how to care for horses and ride one too!  The girls had a great time. Submitted by Krista Stravach

TOGA Teen Encampment Troop 164 TOGA Teen Encampment

Troop 164 enjoyed a weekend at White Rock with the theme of "Beautify Inside and Out"...they made curtains for the Infirmary and canoed; learned to pull a bow and arrow, worked on team building skills with Low Ropes and beauty tips from our Mary Kay consultant for clean faces!!!  Here they are in their Conestoga Wagon sleeping site!!!

Service Unit 10-4 from Charles County, MD The case of "Who Stole the last of the Girl Scout Cookies" is solved!

Service Unit 10-4 from Charles County, MD hosted their Annual Spring Encampment this past weekend at Lions Camp Merrick in Nanjemoy. With breath taking views of the Potomac River and gorgeous weather everyone from Daisy to Ambassador and Adults alike enjoyed the spring overnight. Teens from Troops 2053, 4202, 5026 & 6619 transformed ordinary Girl Scouts into extraordinary G.S.I. (GIRL SCOUT INVESTIGATORS) in the Mystery of “Who Stole the last of the Girl Scout Cookies”! Through observation, communication, Forensic Science and senses the G.S.I.’s earned badges at all levels and the case was solved. Photo submitted by Lynn Tarburton

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