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Adult Recognition Committee - conducts informal and formal appreciation events; promotes and coordinates the official award process for a service unit or association.

Assistant Leader, Advisor - attends regular troop meetings; helps the girls and the leader/advisor plan and participate in activities and trips; supports meeting all program and safety guidelines. 

Association Product Sale Volunteer - To successfully motivate and mentor product sale volunteers in a designated area while working to achieve council wide product sale goals. (Download Full Description) Opportunities include Assn Fall Product Chair and Assn Cookie Manager

Association Program Manager - coordinates program events in a specific geographic area; serves as liaison with Program department; consults on program policy issues.

Camp Qualified Adult - accompanies troop on cookouts and overnight camping trips; teaches girls the skills to have fun, cook, and sleep in the out-of-doors.

Cookie Cupboard Manager  - manages distribution of additional cookies to troops during the cookie sale.  The majority of cupboards are operated out of homes.  Computer and strong computer skills are recommended to manage inventory. March commitment.

Day Camp Staff Member - plans and supervises spring and summer day camp programs usually located in community buildings, local parks or camps. Read More...

First Aider - accompanies troop on activities, events and trips; provides emergency first aid if needed.

Helping Adult - offers expertise, time or resources to troop leader/advisor, for instance chaperones or drives for a trip, shops for activity supplies, makes telephone calls, or helps at a troop meeting.

High Adventure Specialist - shares expertise or develops an expertise in areas like archery, canoeing, kayaking, biking, climbing and caving; teaches girls skills on outings or trips.

Local Press Representative - gathers "news" from troops and service units and distributes to local media outlets; identifies and uses local opportunities to promote Girl Scouting; serves as a local liaison to GSCNC PR department. 

Program Aide Instructor - schedules and presents Program Aide training to girls in cooperation with program department staff.

Program Resource Volunteer - assists at program events for girls; may share an area of expertise with girls at small and large program events.

Registrar - manages the girl, adult and troop annual registration process for a SU. 

REACH Volunteer - brings Council sponsored and enrichment program events to girls in local areas; asked to provide three events a year.

SHARE Leader - actively promotes annual giving program to a troop, service unit or association; coordinates distribution of materials and collection of contributions. 

SU Manager - helps organize and support troop leaders in a specific area through meetings, by mentoring and overseeing paperwork; liaison for troop leaders with other parts of the council.

SU Money Manager - oversees troop money management and the SU checking account; provides routine updates to SU about the income and expenses; and completes written report annually. 

Service Unit Product Sale Volunteer - To successfully motivate and mentor troop product sale volunteers in a designated Service Unit while working to achieve council wide product sale goals.  Opportunities include SU Fall Product Chair;  SU Cookie Manager; SU Cookie Booth Coordinator

Trainer - presents training classes to adult volunteers using established course designs in basic leadership, working with girls from ages 5-18 and outdoor education; designs and delivers classes in an area of interest or expertise. 

Troop Cookie Booth Coordinator - schedules with service unit a troop's participation in selling cookies in front of local stores; recruits girls and adults to work booths; coordinates set-up & take-down of booth; February - March commitment.

Troop Cookie Manager - coordinates the sale of Girl Scout cookies by a troop including selling, ordering, storage, delivery and payment; money-earning event for the troop; December - May commitment.

Troop Leader, Advisor - schedules regular troop meetings; helps the girls to plan and participate in activities and trips; meets all program and safety guidelines; and serves as the communication link for the troop with parents, the service unit, and council.

Troop Money Manager - oversees the troop checking account; provides routine updates to girls, parents and leaders about the income and expenses and completes written report annually.

Troop Organizer - manages the recruitment of girls and volunteers for a targeted area; identifies troop leadership and assigns girls to troops.

Troop Travel Consultant - assists girls in developing itineraries, planning budgets and money earning activities for extended trips in the United States and internationally; not required to accompany girls on trip.

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