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Capital Currency

Our Council's Own IP/Badge/Try-It

The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital has developed a financial education program to help girls become Balanced Budgeters, Savvy Savers, Intelligent Investors, Clever Credit-Holders and more! Capital Currency is funded by a generous grant from Capital One.

Find out what the BUZZ is about! There are a number of different ways to work towards earning the Capital Currency recognitions:

1. Borrow a program kit to complete Interest Project, Badge or Try-It activities
2. Attend a workshop (teens only) led by financially savvy volunteers
3. Visit a Supercenter of Life Showcase (teens only) where girls have the chance to experience adulthood, and all the responsibilities that come with it, for a day

Interest Project/Badge/Try-It in a box! (Brownies through Ambassadors)
Ideal for the busy troop leader, these Capital Currency kits contain everything you'll need to complete our Council's Own Capital Currency IP, Badge or Try-It. Age-appropriate and filled with financial fun, these kits can be borrowed using the Program Kit Request Form.

Program Kit Request

Check out the Capital Currency booklet to see the IP, Badge and Try-It requirements, and to find out what is included in a kit!  The Capital Currency program and kit has been updated in 2010 to reflect the current financial needs and climate, so check out the new and updated activities!!

*Girls can also earn Capital Currency II IP by completing 6 additional Discover, Connect and Take Action activities.

*The IP, Badge and Try-It are all designed to be completed with the use of a program kit.

*Supplementary Take-Home Resources are needed to complete the Capital Currency IP. Please download and print these for your girls.  

Workshops (for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors)
Consult with the experts! Attend a day of fun, interactive workshops presented by qualified financial experts. Teens will complete majority of the requirements for the Capital Currency Interest Project throughout the day's activities, as they participate in interactive sessions on budgeting, credit cards, saving and spending.

*Workshops are scheduled throughout the year.  Check the program registration website for upcoming dates/locations.

Capital Currency Portfolio used at the workshops (please print double-sided and fold in the middle).

Supercenter of Life Showcase (for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors)

Girls will experience being an adult for the day... and everything that comes with it! Girls shop ‘til they drop and do all sorts of fun activities as they navigate the financial world of life.

At the showcase, girls simulate the real adult world, with a job, salary and family status.  After creating a budget for themselves, they go around to more than a dozen stations, making a financial decision at each one.  They find a house, pay for a car, secure childcare and decide whether or not they can afford a vacation this year.  The showcase mixes fun with a dose of reality, with girls learning how to calculate their taxes and getting a second job if need be to make ends meet.  

There are fun giveaways and interactive challenges at the stations as well.  It is the Game of Life, in real life!

Read a really great article explaining a recent Supercenter of Life program here.

*Showcases are scheduled throughout the year.  Check the GSCNC program registration website for upcoming dates/locations.

Contact Elyse Roland, Program Specialist, at 202-274-3310 or 800-523-7898 ext. 210 or

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