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Camp Coles Trip

Camp Coles Trip, in Stafford, Virginia, was built in 1956.  It was a sleep-away camp for Fairfax County Girl Scout Council, which merged to form GSCNC.

The camp is comprised of 229 acres on the shores of the Aquia Creek.  The camp features lodges, platform tent and glen shelter units, primitive units, beach access for canoeing and kayaking, and an archery range.  It's situated on two separate sides of the camp, Aquia and Arrowhead, which are accessible by long hike or vehicle.

Rentable facilities include three lodges, one lodge with glen shelters, seven glen shelter units, one glen shelter and platform tent unit, two platform tent units, and one primitive unit.  The maximum capacity for the entire camp is 372.  SlideshowMap

Glen shelter units on the Aquia side of camp feature cots with mattresses, and the number per shelter varies.  Unit names and sides are indicated on our registration website (see below), as well as exact numbers of beds per shelter.

Platform tents are taken down mid-October through mid-April.

All lodges are heated in the winter and provide year-round hot and cold water.  Some outdoor units feature seasonal hot water November 1 - April 1 only.  Some units also have frost-free cold water spigots year-round.

A small stack of split firewood is available at each unit.

Weather warnings are often issued by county. Coles Trip is in Stafford County. If threatening weather approaches, take shelter immediately. 
If you are on the Aquia/Ross side of camp; troops should evacuate to the basement of the Whitehouse.
If you are on the Arrowhead side of camp; troops should evacuate to the Arrowhead Lodge.

Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels) are NOT PROVIDED at our campsites (including lodges). 

Special Dates
This camp functions as one of our sleep-away camps during the summer months, which means the camp is closed for troop rental in June, July, and August.  For other special dates, see our Important Camp Dates page. 

To learn more about Camp Coles Trip or reserve a campsite there, visit our registration website. To find a camping qualified adult to help your troop go camping, check out more information about our resource list.

Camp Caretaker

Salvador MachucaMeet Salvador Machuca, Care Taker for Camp Coles Trip. Salvador’s contact information is available on the camp information packet you will receive when you reserve a campsite at Coles Trip.

There's no need for you to check in with Salvador when you arrive at camp, but if you'd like to leave him a note (regarding things that need to be fixed- or just a "thank you"), a caretaker's mailbox is available on the road into camp. 

Local Activities
If you know of any great activities near Coles Trip that your troop has enjoyed, please contact Gustavo Martinez to add them to our list! 

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