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Gift of Caring

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Gift of Caring is a service project that allows the “cookie with a mission” to continue to improve lives and build communities! For many years, Girl Scouts across the country have used Girl Scout Cookies to do good works!  Whether to show their appreciation for heroes in their community and men and women in uniform or to support those in need, the Gift of Caring program shows just how much a Cookie Can Do.  Girls choose an organization they want to support and give customers the opportunity to purchase cookies as a donation even if they may not want to buy cookies for themselves. 

There are many ways to participate!  Talk with your girls and let them decide which Gift of Caring option works for your troop this Cookie Season. Choose 1, 2 or all 3 and be sure to let the buyer know who you are supporting!

Capital Cookies Care: Your troop can support the Capital Area Food Bank through this virtual Gift of Caring program. Girls tell their customers how they can support both the Capital Area Food Bank and the Nation’s Capital Girl Scouts. Girls take orders and collect payment.  Troops will never have to touch a box of cookies with this option. At the end of the program, council will deliver all donated cookies to the food bank.

Troop 2 Troops: Your troop can donate cookies to the military through a new partnership with the USO Metropolitan Washington.  Though there is a draw down in military operations overseas, the need to support our military and their families is as great as ever. The troop can take orders during the initial order phase as well as during direct sales and collect payment at the point of order or sale. 

There will be a Troop 2 Troops Drop-Off Day so Girl Scouts can deliver donated cookies to the USO Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir. There will be fun activities for all ages!  The date is to be determined and more information to follow.

Hometown Heroes:Girls in the troop choose a local group that they are passionate about and want to help.  This option can help to further the troop's badge and journey work or to explore another idea that interests the girls.  The girls communicate the chosen recipient to the customer at the time of sale and collects payment.  Your troop then schedules delivery of donated cookies at the end of the program.

Here are some action steps to aid in the selection of a Hometown Hero.

To identify what Hometown Heroes the troop would like to support for their Gift of Caring project, guide girls through these three easy steps:

1. Choose the group to receive donated cookies. Perhaps you've identified hometown heroes like first responders (firefighters, EMT, police). Maybe you'd like to donate to community organizations like a homeless shelter or food pantry. You could support senior citizens in assisted living, medical facilities, through Meals on Wheels or Senior Day Care programs. Maybe the American Red Cross could use cookies at a blood drive or an animal rescue group at their adoption day. Faith and community based pre-school programs (think Head Start) would be grateful for any donation you make. Ask the girls, as their passions will help make the service goal worthwhile. Visit the group you choose. Develop an ongoing relationship of service.

2. Communicate to customers that by supporting your Gift of Caring, cookies they purchase will be donated to your chosen group. The more the girls know about their Heroes, the better able they are to deliver the message to potential customers. There are many helpful resources to promote your troop's Gift of Caring program on the Little Brownie Baker website and under Troop Program Resources. Have girls create colorful cookie booth drop box for customers to place their donations.

3. Deliver the cookies at the end of Cookie Season. When girls can see the affect of their service, the lasting impact is so much greater.
Need some ideas as a jumping off point for your girls? Here are some local organizations that the Nation's Capital Girl Scouts have supported in the past : 

Recognizing Girls

 The GSCNC Council and Mobile Shops have a special patch to recognize girls for participation in the Troops 2 Troops Gift of Caring. The troop sets the requirements.

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