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Amazing New Technology!


Your Girl Scout experience just got even more amazing. Take advantage of Volunteer Systems, a new system where parents, volunteers and members can manage their membership information; and troop leaders have access to the Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), an amazing new tool to help troop leaders spend more time where it counts—with their girls.

Current members should have recieved an important email from that allowed you to set-up your profile.  If you are a current volunteer, and your Girl Scout volunteer role is not listed in your profile, please select the appropriate volunteer position.

Once you’ve set up your login information, go to our website and click on the “My GS” portal in the upper right hand toolbar, and start exploring!

Have questions? We’ve got you covered. Read our Frequently Asked Questions below or click the following links to download a printable version.

About Volunteer SystemsAbout the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)


About Volunteer Systems

What is Volunteer Systems?
Volunteer Systems is a new registration system allowing new members to find a troop through the troop catalog, join Girl Scouts and sign up to volunteer with ease. Through Volunteer Systems, new and current members can access our Member Community where they can manage family, troop and personal Girl Scout registration information, select a new volunteer position, and renew their registration.

How do I log in?
Prior to December 15, you should have received an important email from that allowed you to set up a new profile. Make sure you choose an email that you check often. From our website, click on “My GS” in the upper right hand toolbar to get started. Once you’re set up, you can explore all that the new Member Community has to offer.

Will troop leaders be able to register new girls for their troops in the new registration system?
No, parents will only be able to register new girl members. Once girls have registered as members of a troop, leaders will be able to renew girls for the next membership year.

Can parents choose troops out of their area (i.e. My daughter’s friend is in a troop that meets across town and I want my daughter to join that troop.)?
Yes, parents will be able to view all available troops within a 20 mile radius in the troop catalog allowing them to select a troop that best meets their needs. Also, a troop number can also be entered into the system to locate it, if a potential member has that.

How will troop leaders know when a girl joins their troop?
Troop leaders will receive an email each time a new girl joins her troop. The email will include parent contact information so that troop leaders can welcome the girl and her family to Girl Scouts. In addition, parents will receive an email that will include troop meeting details and troop leader contact information.

Are there any requirements related to troop girl capacity in the new system?
Each troop will be open to a minimum of 12 girls. Existing troops will be able request that they maintain their current troop size or request to add more. Leaders will be able to specify the number of available girl slots.

How long will it take for new troops officially get started?
New troops can get started as soon as they have at least 6 girls and 2 leaders who have completed the online registration process including a background check and online welcome video.

Will existing troops be included in the troop catalog?
Once an existing troop has submitted their updated troop information with time and location of meeting place as well as the maximum number of girls they are able to serve, the troop will be posted in the catalog. New openings for girls or volunteers in an existing troop can be added at any time by contacting your administrative assistant in your area office.

Will multi-level troops be included in the troop catalog?

Will girls be placed on a waitlist if no options meet the needs of the girl(s)?
Girls and potential volunteers can choose “unsure” if they cannot identify a troop/volunteer option that meets their needs. A local membership specialist will contact the parent/potential volunteer for more information to help them find or start a troop that meets their needs.

How will adults register through the new system?
Adults will register through the volunteer link and can choose to register as adult members or search for volunteer opportunities. Potential volunteers will be able to sign up for any available volunteer position of interest within the troop. The system clearly outlines and guides adult registrants through the necessary steps such as a background check if one is required.

If adults are serving in a volunteer role in the troop (i.e. troop money manager or first aider), they will need to register via the troop catalog and complete the background check. Troops will have a number of volunteer slots available for these key parent support roles that can be increased should the troop need additional volunteers.

Where do I register for summer camps, trainings or events?
You’ll sign up for summer camps, trainings or events through our current registration system (Personify), so don’t forget that email and password. Register for trainings and events through our events calendar, and sign up for camp through the camp page on our website. Summer sleep-away camp registration begins on January 26 and 28, 2016 at 10:00 AM, and day and evening camp registration begins on February 10, 2016.


About the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)

Who can access the Volunteer Toolkit?
As a registered troop volunteer (K-5), you will have access to the new Volunteer Toolkit—a year of Girl Scout programming conveniently delivered to your computer, smart phone or tablet to help you and your girls plan meetings. Registered parents of girls in troops will also have “read-only” views of the My Troop (excluding contact info), Year Plan, Meeting Plan and Financial tabs.

Although the badges and journey program materials for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors are currently not loaded into the toolkit, girls and their advisors can leverage the “Customize Your Troop Year” plan, the troop finance tab, the contacts, and the communication abilities of the toolkit.

What will I do in the Volunteer Toolkit?
When you log into VTK for the first time, you’ll have access to three full year plans, including one year of Girl Scout badges and a choice of two Girl Scout Journeys. These pre-made plans provide everything you need to get started. You’ll also set your meeting calendar to include locations, dates and times. New content can be added throughout the year. Customize activities, delete ones that your girls don’t want to do and replace them with new ones. If you lead several troops you can even easily switch back and forth between them!

How will the Volunteer Toolkit help me communicate to troop parents?
Since it will be connected to our new registration system, the VTK will allow you to manage troop contacts, track what badges each girl earns, keep attendance, and communicate with parents and caregivers. Each meeting has a pre-prepopulated email to tell parents what to expect and to celebrate what the girls have done. Each message is fully customizable.

If I don’t have internet access at my meeting place, how will I access the VTK?
You can easily download the materials to your device or print them to take to your meeting. The VTK can be accessed via tablets or smart phones. You can save the material on these devices, or access them using your mobile broadband or WiFi network.

What about volunteers who don’t have internet access at home?
The VTK is a website that can be accessed from any computer or electronic device with internet capability. Libraries are a great resource for those who don’t have access to the internet at home. You can print meeting plans or download them to your personal computer using remote internet access.

What about Juliettes or Individually Registered Members?
The VTK is designed for troop management. In order to have access to the VTK, the girls need to be in a troop and thus need two registered and designated adult leaders.

Why has Girl Scouts decided to go digital?
The VTK is designed to help cut down the amount of time it takes for you to manage your troops by planning meetings (in partnership with the girls), communicating with parents, and finding support resources. The VTK puts all of this at your fingertips!  

Will there be training on the Volunteer Toolkit?
The Volunteer Toolkit is designed to be intuitive and require no formal training; however, video tutorials are available on YouTube. An enrichment workshop for administrative volunteers will be launched in late January.

Why doesn’t the system work from my computer?
Your Internet browser might be out of date. We recommend Firefox, Chrome or post-version 9 Internet Explorer. If you’re still having trouble logging in, contact