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Staff Directory

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Soto-Harmon, LidiaChief Executive Officer202-274-3303
Cibula, ColleenChief Operating Officer202-534-3773
Burnette, JanetExecutive Assistant202-274-3303
Pettway, HadleySenior Council Operations Specialist202-534-3772


Bassett, LauraChief Financial Officer202-534-3799
Way, JameyaController202-274-3339
Eaton, MarionFinance and Accounting Specialist202-534-3762
Riddick, RanaAccounts Receivable Technician202-274-3337

Information Services

Reinmann, KendraSenior Technology Specialist202-274-3328

Business Operations

Carrie BanachowskiBusiness Operations Manager202-534-3782
Meidlinger, RobertSenior Logistics Specialist703-560-5072
Cali, JasonEquipment Center Driver/Support703-560-5072

Customer Care

Reynolds, ErinCustomer Care Manager202-534-3788
Callen, MeganCustomer Care Coordinator202-274-2169
Johnson, ElishaCustomer Care Coordinator202-534-3781
Peacock, MarthaCustomer Care Coordinator202-534-3780
Portillo, BeatrizCustomer Care Coordinator202-274-3335
Doss, ChantellAdministrative Assistant, Customer Care202-274-3327


Thurston, BetsyDirector of Development202-274-3330
Dunn, JordanAnnual Giving Specialist202-534-3785
Menzel, LaurieIndividual Giving Officer202-534-3796
Offutt, KatherineAdministration and Operations Specialist 202-534-3790
Yarborough, PageCorporate and Foundation Officer202-274-3306
Kopczynski, RosamondAdministrative Assistant, Development/Business Operations202-274-3317

Human Resources

Baker, AngelaDirector of Human Resources202-534-3797
West, BetsyHuman Resources Manager202-274-2173

Public Relations

Wood, NancyDirector of Public Relations202-274-3304
Eider, MichellePublic Relations Specialist202 274-3307
McKeown, MiriamMarketing Specialist202-274-2166

Product Sales

Carlson, JulieProduct Sales Manager202-274-3332
Carter, JineanProduct Sales Specialist202-274-2171
Johnson, JudySenior Product Sales & Retail Operations Specialist304-596-9934
Roberson, CherylProduct Sales Database Coordinator202-274-3333

Camping Services

Viau, DeniseCamping Manager202-274-3308
Brice, AllisonAdministrative Assistant202-534-3793
Crawford, SavannahOutdoor Program Specialist202-274-3329
Hardy, MeganCamping Specialist202-274-3309
Reece, Emily Camping Specialist202-274-3305


Worcester, TammyProperty Manager703-909-5644

Girl Scout Shop

Harvey, ShariRetail Operations Manager202-534-3766
Castellano, AliceRetail Operations Coordinator202-274-3312
Thomas, ShernetteRetail Operations Coordinator202-274-3312
Webster-Hall, DawnRetail Operations Coordinator202-274-3312
Robertson, BobbieRetail Operations Coordinator202-274-3312

Program Services

Ngwa-Suh, MankaaProgram Services Manager202-274-3311
Dranove, ZoeAdministrative Assistant202-274-2170
Bradford, AbigailProgram Specialist202-274-3338
Riley, RosaTeen Program Specialist202-274-3336
Tyler, SaraProgram Specialist202-534-3770

Adult Volunteer Development

Lochan, IvanVolunteer Development Specialist202-534-3771
Churchill, JiraVolunteer Development Specialist202-534-3768

Membership Services Washington, DC Office

Benison, KathrynDirector of Membership202-274-3316
Beernink, KathyAdministrative Assistant202-274-3322
Daley, ChelseaMembership Specialist, Assoc 50, VA202-534-3778
Gilliland, JosephineMembership Specialist, Assoc 60, VA202-534-3763
Graney, CaitlinMembership Specialist, Assoc 42, DC202-534-3764
Martin, LauraMembership Specialist, Assoc 50, VA202-534-3792
Martin, PhyllisSenior Membership Specialist, Assoc 40, DC202-274-3325
Rollins, AnnetteAdministrative Assistant202-274-3321
LaVant, AndraeaSenior Specialist, Inclusion202-534-3791

Membership Services Martinsburg, WV Office

Barvir, JaneActing Membership Area Manager, Team 3304-596-9940
Allen, PamAdministrative Assistant304-596-9931
Bayne, CindyReceptionist304-596-9932
Smoot, DarylleSenior Membership Specialist, Assoc 15, 37 & 70, MD & VA304-596-9948
Soule, BeverlyMembership Specialist, Assoc 14, VA540-313-4191 or 304-596-9942
Weschler, HeatherMembership Specialist, Assoc 15 & 70, WV & VA304-596-9944
Ganley, MirandaMembership Specialist, Assoc 37703-596-9937
Stevens, KristinMembership Specialist, Assoc 37, MD304-596-9938

Membership Services Kingstowne, VA Office

Gilbert, PamMembership Area Manager, Team 5703-372-4347
Jenkins Payne, ToniAdministrative Assistant571-642-0253
Fialkow, LaurenMembership Specialist, Assoc 53, VA703-372-4342
Megill, RenéSenior Membership Specialist, Assoc 52, VA703-372-4341
Schwandt, MichelleMembership Specialist, Assoc 53 & 52, VA703-372-4346
Shank, LaurenMembership Specialist, Assoc 56 & 51, VA703-372-4345
Smith, CarlieMembership Specialist, Assoc 55 & 56, VA703-372-4344
Johnson, JulietMembership Specialist, Assoc 54, VA703-372-4343
Randall, MicheleMembership Specialist, Assoc 54 & 55703-372-4352

Membership Services Germantown, MD Office

Lafond, ToniaMembership Area Manager, Team 2301-978-3875
Lawrence, SueAdministrative Assistant301-978-3865
Case, ErinMembership Specialist, Assoc 34, MD301-978-3872
Craver, AdrienneMembership Specialist, Assoc 23 & 31, MD301-978-3871
Iteen, CourtneyMembership Specialist, Assoc 32, MD301-978-3868
Marshall, ZoëMembership Specialist, Assoc 34, MD301-978-3870
Thompson, LynnSenior Membership Specialist, Assoc 33, MD301-978-3869
Noble, KateMembership Specialist, Assoc 32 & 33301-978-3876
Ibanez Bonilla, Ana BeatrizMembership Initiatives Specialist301-978-3877
Brickey, VirginiaMembership Specialist, Assoc 31 & 32, MD301-978-3867

Membership Services South Riding, VA Office

Munyasia, ChristineMembership Area Manager, Team 4703-840-2074
Knapp, LindaAdministrative Assistant703-840-2070
Eskilson, TrishMembership Specialist, Assoc 90, VA703-840-2076
Maceda, ShelbyMembership Specialist, Association 80, VA703-840-2079
Robinson, CarrieMembership Specialist, Assoc 70, VA703-840-2073
Wheeler, TracieMembership Specialist, Assoc 80, VA703-840-2075
Golski, AnnMembership Specialist, Assoc 70, VA703-840-2072
Huss, NenaMembership Specialist, Assoc 90, VA703-840-2086

Membership Services Waldorf, MD Office

Kennedy, PaulaMembership Area Manager, Team 1301-861-5868
Boyden, MaggieMembership Specialist, Assoc 12, MD301-861-5862
Harris Fontaine, KaylaMembership Specialist, Assoc 10 & 21, MD301-861-5863
Kellner, JennyMembership Specialist, Assoc 11, MD301-861-5861
Myers, AstridMembership Specialist, Assoc 60, VA202-274-3334
Wheeler, MelonyMembership Specialist, Assoc 21, MD301-861-5864
Wilson, CharmaineSenior Membership Specialist, Assoc 22, MD301-861-5865