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Adventure Core Camp: Caving

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Fri Oct 13, 7:00 PM - Sun Oct 15, 9:00 AM
Camp May Flather
Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

This Core Camp will be full of adventure, including Caving!

Troops will join together for this exciting, fun-filled weekend. Kapers such as flag ceremonies, Girl Scout's Own, latrine cleaning and campsite care will be shared by attending troops. Girls and adults will sleep in platform tents or glen shelters and may share a site with other troops from around the council. Troops are responsible for their personal gear. More detailed information will be provided. Meals will be provided. (See Safety Checkpoints in Volunteer Essentials for ratios.)

Each troop/group attending must provide a camping qualified adult (200 training) and an adult first aider. The camping qualified adult is responsible for preparing the girls for the event. This is a girl event with limited adult capacity and only one adult over the ratio for camping will be allowed.

Not all adults will go into the cave with the girls. Dependent on troop size, multiple troops will be caving in each session; only two troop adults (total) will be allowed in the cave with the guide. Adults who want to cave must be in good physical condition, able to squeeze through small spaces and strong enough to help hoist girls up and down. If we have more than two total troop adults per session who fit this criteria, we will pull straws.