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Letterboxer Badge & Jr. Cave Explorer Patch

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Sat Apr 14, 5:45 PM - Sun Apr 15, 2:15 PM
Lincoln Caverns, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Map
Brownies, Volunteer

Uncover the exciting world of letterboxing! Join in a fun game of hide and seek using clues and directions to a hidden box. Collect stamp images to record your findings! Girls will use their creativity to make a stamp. Working as a team, girls will hide a letterbox, write clues to its location, and find other letterboxes. Combine this with the Junior Cave Explorer Patch, a fun-filled program with information about caves and caving basics.  Brownies will create a cave craft and learn basic cave crawls. The highlight of your trip will be touring TWO beautiful crystal caverns. Included are workshops to fulfill badge/patch requirements, indoor “slumber party” style lodging, evening snack, and a lunch-time meal.


$46.00 for Brownies & Adults

For more information, please call: 814.643.0268 or email: