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Animal Habitats Badge & Geology Rocks Patch

Sat May 19, 5:45 PM - Sun May 20, 3:45 PM
Lincoln Caverns - Huntingdon, PA Map
Juniors, Volunteer

Spring into action with geology experiments and cave habitat activities!  Learn to test rock properties, find your own fossil, and discover the importance of soil and groundwater in three fun-filled workshops focusing on the importance of geological sciences. While earning the Geology Rocks Patch, girls will also earn the Animal Habitats Badge! Learn why animals live where they do and how we can protect those areas. Girls will discuss cave animals and habitats, create a poster about endangered species, and build a bat house to put up in their communities. This event includes a presentation about cave conservation, cave animals, and cavern formation. The highlight of your trip will be touring TWO beautiful crystal caverns. Included are workshops to fulfill badge/patch requirements, indoor “slumber party” style lodging, evening snack, and a lunch-time meal.

$49.00 - Juniors & Adults

For more information, please email, or call (814) 643-0268.