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Going Batty and/or Geology Rocks Patch Combo

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Fri Feb 23, 5:45 PM - Sun Feb 25, 3:45 PM
Lincoln Caverns - Huntingdon, PA Map
Volunteer, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

Explore the world beneath our feet in this exciting Patch combo at Lincoln Caverns! The Geology Rocks Patch teaches girls about the many exciting fields in the geosciences.  Each girl starts their own rock collection by learning to identify rocks through their properties. A rock collection for each girl is included. In this unique Going Batty program, the importance of bats in our world is emphasized.  Girls will gain a better appreciation of our tiny insectivorous friends. Each troop builds a bat house to put up in their community. Lodging is slumber-party style and lunch-time meals are included.

$37.50-$69.50/adult  (Cost varies with program choice)

Times vary with program options. 

For more information, please email, or call (814) 643-0268.