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Sun Apr 22, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
The Music Center at Strathmore Map
Arts, Program Partner
Brownies, Juniors, Daisies, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors, Volunteer

Ride the wind and dream with Air Play, a modern spectacle that brings to life the very air we breathe. Perfect for families, Air Play’s flying umbrellas, larger-than-life balloons, giant kites, and the biggest snow globe you’ve ever seen will make you gasp in wonder and laugh until it hurts. This circus-style adventure tells the story of two siblings journeying through a surreal land of air, transforming the ordinary into objects of uncommon beauty. Fabrics dance in the wind, balloons have a mind of their own, confetti become the night sky, and an enormous canopy of hovering silk forever alters their future. Strathmore Patches available

Fee: $22-46

For additional information please visit or call 301-581-5100. Groups save! Call 301-581-5199 or email