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CSI: Christmas Scene Investigators

Sat Dec 07, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST
Gunston Arts Center (Theatre Two) - Arlington, VA Map
Arts, Program Partner
All, Ambassadors, Brownies, Cadettes, Daisies, Juniors, Seniors

Encore Stage & Studio presents CSI: Christmas Scene Investigators. Santa Claus is missing! During the last rehearsal for the annual Christmas Show at Wendell Wilke High, the action comes to a screeching halt when the cast discovers that the Santa Claus statue has been stolen! Mrs. Dickens calls in the Clue Club — a group of ambitious and eccentric students who take mystery and detection into the realm of science. Full of more surprises than a fruitcake, the Clue Club finds they have successfully fulfilled their duty as “Christmas Scene Investigators” when they reveal just why the true meaning of Christmas is what truly matters. Recommended for ages 4 and older.

Fee: Discount rate of $9 for Group of 10 or more

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