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           What is The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting?          

How does the Girl's Guide fit into the National Program                                                              
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How Far Can a Girl Scout Go?

A handbook, badgebook, girl book, adult book - all rolled into a three-ring binder keepsake.  There is a Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for each program level.  It includes badge requirements, a handbook sections covering traditions and history, an awards log and much more!

(PLEASE NOTE: The badge requirements are contained in the Girl's Guide, not the badges themselves.  Badges are sold separately.)

Girls Guide books

What's super cool about these books?

Girls Guide spinesThe Girl's Guide now includes your handbook and your badge book.

Your Girl's Guide is a record of what you did in Girl Scouts.

It's the 100th Anniversary edition -that makes it a collectible!

You can customize your Girl's Guide. The "My Girl Scouts" section includes scrapbook pages, friends' autograph pages, coloring pages for Daisies, and stickers for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors.

  • It includes a badge foldout chart to show girls what fun lies ahead as they continue in Girl Scouting.



What's  inside each Girl's Guide?                                                           
The Girl's Guide is chock full of what you need to run your troop, work with a Juliette or lead any group in a Girl Scout setting.   

 There are 3 sections:
1) A Handbook Section
2) A ‘My Girl Scouts' Section
3) An Awards Section (see photo below)
Legacy Badges: 
-- Artist
-- The Girl Scout Way
-- Citizen 
-- Cook
-- First Aid
-- Athlete
-- Naturalist
-- Financial Literacy Badges 1/year 
-- Cookie Business Badges 1/year
-- Make Your Own
-- My Promise, My Faith Pin
-- Journey Summit Pin

AND Information on the following:
-- Program Aide (PA)
-- Counselor In Training (CIT)
-- Volunteer in Training (formerly known as LIT)
-- Bronze, Silver & Gold requirements   


Additional badge skill-building sets for Brownies through Seniors contain 15 topics for each level. They offer great examples of ways to incorporate the skills while on a Journey, but can also be used on their own! Click HERE to read MORE about the Badges!

       What handouts are available?       

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