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Grow Strong

In a culture where girls mature in a sedentary environment of fast food restaurants and 24/7 television - a culture where eating disorders, low self-esteem and poor nutrition choices are all too common - how do we encourage girls to "grow strong?"


The Grow Strong program provides resources and activities that instill in girls the habits that will influence their emotional and physical health for the rest of their lives. Grow Strong was made possible by a generous grant from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. 

The Grow Strong program is completed through the use of one of our activity kits.  Fill out a kit request form at more information, email or call (202) 237-1670 or (800) 523-7898, ext. 310.

There are 2 Grow Strong programs - one for Brownies and Juniors, and one for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. 

Grow Strong (for Brownies and Juniors) 

 Download the Activity Booklet.

The Grow Strong program for Brownies and Juniors offers three activity kit options;

  • Healthy Living Discovery Station
    Girls will discover the elements of a healthy lifestyle and develop critical thinking skills to make healthy life choices.
  • Connect - Active Game Connection Station
    Girls will develop healthy relationships as they connect with their peers and caring adult leaders through game activities.
  • Take Action - Craft Take Action Station*
    Girls will take action with their new health knowledge as they develop resources that educate and inspire others to act.
    *Supplies for the Craft Take Action Station are NOT included in ANY kit and must be supplied by the leader or camp director.

Grow Strong Teen (for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors)

Download the Teen Activity Booklet.

The Grow Strong Teen program has only one activity kit option.  You can download all of the worksheets mentioned in the activity booklet here:

Food Pyramid Worksheet
Menu Planner Worksheet
Cafeteria Checklist
Scavenger Health Hunt Worksheet
Don't Mess With Stress Quiz
Schedule Color Code Sheet
Work Out Plan Worksheet
Calcium Daily Guide Worksheet
Calcium Collector Game Score Card

All of the handouts mentioned in the activity booklet are found in the activity kit.

**The Grow Strong program is completed through the use of one of our activity kits.   Fill out a kit request form at  For more information, email or call (202) 237-1670 or (800) 523-7898, ext. 310.

Once you have completed the Grow Strong program, we ask that you fill out an evaluation to let us know how your experience was.
Click on the evaluation to download.

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