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How to Make a Troop or Service Unit Web Page

Want to make your own Web Pages but don't know where to start?

Please review GSUSA's Safety Pledge.

Web Tutorials (How to learn about making Web Pages)

Wix - Free Website Builder

Website Building for Kids -

Kids Karnival - HTML learning site for kids

For more advanced learning try A guide to HTML and CGI scripts by Mike Smith or Coffeecup (HTML editor here).

Free Web Hosting

Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital is happy and eager to have your pages linked to us! So please submit them!

Our Council does not host Troop or Service Unit web pages, however we do link Troop Pages to the Troop Pages section and Service Units are linked under our Association Pages (See example here). Troops are encouraged to build WebPages on their own perhaps as a project.

As far as web hosting goes, you may want to check your own ISP like (AOL, Comcast, Verizon, etc.) to see if your account includes existing web space, if it does you may want to use that, or there are many free webhosting places out there for your wb pages if you do not already have a place.

Some suggestions of sites for free web hosting:

Free Email

Free email can be obtained at many places. Below are a few suggestions.

Free ISP

And for those who wish to explore the internet for free and have a modem but no ISP try:

(you can download the program and set it up on any machine that has a modem).

Or check out a directory of free ISPs.

After you have set up your website, email the URL to our on-line specialist for approval and we will be happy to link it to our site. You can do this by emailing or

Safety and the Internet

Below are a few links that you may want to check out to help you with safety on the Internet.

Basic Guidelines for Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital Web Pages

Basic Guidelines for Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital Web Pages that are linked to our site are as follows:

  • Please review our Graphic Guidelines section for troop or group web pages by clicking here
  • Troop or Service Unit pages that are more than one year old without any updates are out of date and will be taken out of the troop page section. In order for us to keep better track of this information, Troop or Service Unit pages must have either a "Last updated (date shown here)" or a working email address to the person responsible for the troop page on their troop homepage.
  • When using photographs of girls, use photos that the Girl has signed yes to on the photo release question on the activity (parent permission form).
  • Avoid attaching names of Girls to the photos.
  • Scanning Photos, suggestion for web use, try scanning photos in somewhere between 72 DPI and 100 DPI so that the download time is short. Each page should download at a maximum of 30 seconds for the best quality page.
  • Avoid giving directions to events that the Girls will be at, especially on overnights, such as camping events.
  • Avoid usage of links that go to adult websites.
  • When using the Girl Scout logo, following the guidelines given by GSUSA.
  • View information about the GIRL SCOUT Service Mark copyrights and trademarks.

Is your troop or service unit page up-to-date or out of date? Please email the webmaster at about the page in question. If you have a new troop page at another location, please email the the new URL. Thanks for your cooperation.

Adult Sites

The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital can not be responsible for other search engines and the results given. Be aware that there are sites that have contents of a mature nature that a parent or guardian may not feel is suitable for their children. There are tools on the web and in stores to help censor such Internet activity (links) from being displayed on Personal Computers.

Sites such as the following will give information on how to access these tools:

The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital does not endorse any product that may be advertised on the above outside links.

Any website that lists the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital as the copyright and/or owner of that webpage needs to be approved by a council staff member and admin rights need to be provided to the council's Information Services Department. Email the details.

Questions or comments concerning any unsafe issues at can be directed to

Areas we currently serve.