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Low Ropes & Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself on our low ropes/challenge courses at Camp Crowell, May Flather and White Rock!  And the climbing tower and rock wall at Camp May Flather.

Low ropes/challenge courses consist of a variety of elements designed to help girls learn about communication and working as a team.  Whether the object is to get your entire team over a wooden wall, to walk a tightrope a foot from the ground, or to maneuver a balance beam, girls will learn about trust and their ability to complete difficult tasks with the help of their friends.

We are have a NEW reservation system for all High Adventure Activities.

Please click on the here to start your reservation. it will require you to log into the campsite reservations system and you will need to create a new log in. For step by step instuctions please click here. If you have questions or need additonal assistance please contact Susan Kabat at 202.274.3305

If you have any additional questions please contact Susan Kabat. You will receive a confirmation email upon completed of your reservation in order for it to be considered valid. 

A spring training has been scheduled! A two day challenge course trining for both high and low ropes will be offered at Camp Crowell on May 2 and 3. Registration for this training is now open! To sign up for this trining or to see other high adventure offerings please visit our online course catalog

Our resource list enables Troops without a low ropes-trained adult to request someone to help teach their Troop at one of the GSCNC courses. If you are looking for a low ropes certified adult to assist your troop or if you are currently trained, meet the Safety Activity Checkpoints, and would like to be on our resource list, please contact Gustavo Martinez at 202.534.3793.

GSCNC Safety Checkpoint Modification for the Challenge Courses:

Verify instructor knowledge and experience. An instructor with documented experience, indicating competence in equipment maintenance, safety and rescue techniques, proper use of the course and hands on trainings directly supervises the group. Ensure that the instructor has provided written documentation of the completed training and that there is a regular process of review and update for all instructors. One instructor is sufficient if that individual has completed a minimum of 30 hours of facilitation and/or 6 programs, they must also attend an enrichment session no less than once every two years, if these requirements have not been met then two instructors will be needed. The recommended instructor to participant ratio is 1:12. Instructors must also be skilled in selecting appropriate activities, teaching and supervising spotting and belaying techniques, and modifying tasks to provide an appropriate experience for the ages and skill levels of the group. Before use, instructor inspects all equipment and landing areas in the activity area.

Looking for more adventure?? Check out the High Adventure Vendor Database. This is a list of council approved high adventure vendors to take your girls to anything from amusement parks all the way to windsurfing. Click here to view the database. Dont see your vendor? Click here for information on how to add a vendor to our list. Questions? Please contact Susan Kabat.

Activity Days - Challenge Day (Low Ropes) and Climbing day!
Come out to camp and try low ropes and rock climbing, no trained adult needed!

For more information about our courses and reservations, please contact Susan Kabat.

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