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Make the Connection

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GSCNC and Booz Allen Hamilton join together for the eighth year to offer a mentoring program that gives Girl Scouts in grades 6-12 a head start in planning for their futures!

Girls will complete various Leadership Journey activities throughout the year to help meet the new Award requirements.  Information about the 2013-2014 program is below, including specific dates and registration details.

MAKING IMPRESSIONS!  Registration is now full
Location: Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA
Date: Sunday, November 3rd, 2013,  1-4 pm

Cost $3 (Girls who attend the first two Make the Connection events will be able to attend the Teambuilding event for free)

Girls learn and practice key people skills including skillful introductions, the art of conversation
and the power of a hand shake. As they practice, they realize that body language and tone effect how they communicate much more than the words they use—it’s not what you say but how you say it. The day tops off with a fun fashion show where the girls identify what NOT to wear, so they leave the day fully armed and ready to make the right impressions. View Slide Show from the 2012 Making Impressions Event

 Journeys activities covered in Making Impressions: 

Cadette Amaze- Pages 17-19

Senior Girltopia- Pages 27-30, 95

Your Voice, Your World Pages 28-29

CAREER EXPLORATION  Registration is now full
Location: Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA
Date:  Saturday, January 11th, 2014, 1-4 pm

Cost: $3 (Girls who attend the first two Make the Connection events will be able to attend the Teambuilding event for free)

Through a series of activities the girls discover the working world and what careers interest
them most. Mentors share the jobs they held before their current role with Booz Allen to
showcase the fact that careers are ever changing and the world is full of opportunities. Booz Allen Senior women hold a panel discussion with the girls, to share their experiences and
highlight that there are many different ways to define success. View Slide Show from the last Career Explorations Event

Journey activities covered in Career Exploration:

Cadette Amaze- Page 128

Senior Girltopia- Pages 65-66

Your Voice, Your World Pages 34-35


MAKE THE CONNECTION, JR!  Registration is now full

 Additionally please note the new time of 1pm-5:30pm

Science, Technology, Engineer, & Math:  Oh My!
Location: Francis Scott Key Elementary School Arlington, VA
Date:  Sunday, February 9th, 2014, Time: 1pm-5:30pm

Cost $3 (Girls who attend Make the Connection, Jr. will be able to attend the teambuilding event for free)

Girl Scouts Juniors will have the opportunity to participate in the NEW Make the Connection, Jr!  This new program aimed at Girl Scout Juniors will allow them to take part in hands-on STEM activities as well as work with professional women in the STEM field.  Juniors that attend Make the Connection, Jr will have the opportunity to attend the teambuilding event in April. 


ME TO WE: Teambuilding Skills  Registration is now full
Location: Camp Crowell
Date:  Saturday, April 12th, 2014, 10 am - 4 pm

Cost $3 (free for girls who attended the first two events, or Make the Connection Jr.)

Girls and BAH mentors participate in fun outdoor activities like the Log of Death and Rushing River that teach how to achieve success through trust, communication, and strategy. As they conquer this challenging rope course they experience firsthand how to achieve success as part of a team in ways they could have never done on their own.  View photos of the last Teambuilding Skills Event

Journey activities covered in Teambuilding Skills:

Cadette Amaze- Pages 38-39

Senior Girltopia- Pages 61-63

Your Voice, Your World Pages 34-35

REGISTRATION: Each event will be opened for online registration TWO MONTHS prior to the event date. Girls must register separately for each event.

QUESTIONS: Contact the GSCNC Program Department staff at

Outdoor TeambuildingMentors with Girls

**View Powerpoint from previous Make the Connection program years (Zipped PPT file)

The week of each event you will receive an email from the GSCNC Program Department confirming your registration and giving you details about the specific event location and logistics.  We encourage girls to attend as many of the events as possible, in order to experience the full Make the Connection program.  Girls who participate in the first 3 events will receive priority for the final service and celebration event.

Bring a Friend!

If you would like to bring a non-Girl Scout friend to the event, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to introduce her to Girl Scouting!  Your friend will need to become a Girl Scout in order to attend the event.  She can sign up here: 

Girl Scouts who attend Make the Connection and bring an eligible new Girl Scout friend will receive a "Bring a Friend" patch.

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