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Adult Position Codes

Q: How can I add a position code?
A: The online membership registration system allows adults to designate their position(s) in their troop(s) and/or SUs.

You can add multiple positions for each troop with which you are affiliated. Repeat these steps if you hold multiple positions.

Q: How can I add a position code for my Service Unit?
A: Under My Positions, select your position and the the current membership year. Make sure you have selected to search for Service Unit by filling in the bubble. In the search bar, type in your four digit Service Unit number. For example, if your Service Unit is 50-2, type in 5002. Your Service Unit will come up in the search; however, you'll notice a strange three digit number that you might not recognize. This number was assigned when we transferred to GSUSA's membership system. If you are searching for 50-2, for instance, SU669_5002 will come up in the search. The last four digits are what you need to pay attention to.

Q: I just added my 01 position but I don't have access to My Troops. Why?
A: When an adult adds a position from their My Account page, the status is "pending" until it is approved by the Registration Department.

Q: How long will my position be "pending"?
A: It usually takes no longer than one business day before we approve your position. If you add your position on a Friday night, however, the position will not be active until the following Monday.

Q: Can Lifetime members add their own position?
A: Yes, the process is the same for Lifetime members. They will need to create a login on the registration site to log into their account.

Q: Can more than one adult be listed as the 01 for a troop?
A: Yes, a troop can have multiple 01s associated with the troop.

Q: Why are adults showing up more than once on my Troop's roster?
A: When an adult registers online, their position defaults to Adult Member. If they add a position, either during the registration process or from their My Account page, the Adult Member position is not replaced by the new position. It is simply added to their list of position codes.

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