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Terrapin Adventures

Dated Events: 

Lock In Venture at Terrapin Adventures

Who: Girl Scout Juniors- Ambassadors

When: March 29-30th, 2014  6:00pm-8:00am

Where: 8600 Foundry Street, Savage, MD 20763

An adventurous over night with night time zip lining, pizza, stargazing with s’mores, team building games, skits and the sleep over in Savage Mill Mall! Two experienced guides to run team build activities and teach about the constellations. Can help fulfill some badge requirements from the night owl badge, sky badge, camper badge, and good sportsmanship badge. 

Book online or call for more information for this overnight adventure.  Leaders please make sure you fill out a B240 form for any overnights.


Fee: $50 per girl (chaperones free)

Register: or 301-725-1313


Open Offer (non-date specific):

Special Girl Scout Packages

Bring your Girl Scout Troop to Terrapin Adventures at Savage Mill For 1- 4 Hours of Team Building, Leadership Training and Adrenaline Pumping Fun

Terrapin Adventures offers package deals for Girl Scout groups looking to have fun and/or grow while participating in team building activities. We have up lifting programs that build self-esteem and confidence while developing teamwork. Our adventure center activities include our Terrapin climbing tower, zip line, giant swing and both a high and a low ropes challenge course. These activities are appropriate for scouts eight years old and up and between 70 and 275 lbs.

Our guides are specially trained in helping people realize their potential in a fun environment. Some of our guides have extensive Scouting experience. Our course is built and inspected by Inner Quest, one of the founders of the Association For Challenge Course Technology. We carry general liability, workers compensation and property insurance up to industry standards. All of our staff is CPR and First Aid certified and we always emphasize safety first.

Location: Terrapin Adventures is easily accessible by Routes 95, 32 and 1 in Howard County. We are 30 minutes from Baltimore, D.C. and Annapolis and have plenty of free parking with plenty of room for buses. Bring a lunch and make a day of it or we can provide pizza or sandwiches at additional cost.

ESCAPADE You and your friends will enjoy fun and games on our low ropes course for an hour and a half followed by your choice of our 330 foot Zip Line or Giant Swing with 2 G’s of force. Theground-based elements involve loads of fun while your group solves a variety of puzzles and challenges. The activities include, and are not limited to, getting through the Spider’s Web, swinging across the Nitro Crossing on a Tarzan Swing, balancing on a cable crossing as a team to get everyone across, or playing any number of games that our creative guides come up with.

10 – 20 guests, must be at least 8 years old, 48 inches tall, 70 - 275 lbs.

Regular Cost: $29 per person two hours of fun. Girl Scout Discount: $27 per person

MONKEY AROUND on the Giant Swing and Zipline with a Terrapin Adventure Guide. Each member of your party will scream with delight on our 330 foot Zip Line then experience 2Gs of force on our Giant Swing.

10-20 guests, must be at least 8 years old, 48 inches tall, 70 - 275 lbs.

Regular Cost: $27 per person for one hour of fun. Girl Scout Discount: $25 per person

TREASURE HUNT Test your navigation skills as you learn how to use GPS technology to find buried treasure. We teach you the basics and then you’re off to find the treasure we have hidden in nearby Savage Park. It’s loads of fun and a great way to spend time outdoors.

10-24 guests, must be at least 8 years old and wear clothing appropriate to walk through the woods.

Regular Cost: $32 per person for about 3 hours of fun. Girl Scout Discount: $30 per person

SOARING HEIGHTS Tackle the 43 foot tall Terrapin Tower that has 12 ways up and down. You will blimb up ropes, tires, logs, rock walls, ladders, nets, and pull yourself head first down our Rainbow Serpent. After catching your breath, prepare to lose it again when you glide through the forest on our Zip Line or launch into the air on our Giant Swing.

10-20 guests, must be at least 8 years old, 48 inches tall, 70 - 275 lbs.

Regular Cost: $40 per person for about 2.5 hours of fun. Girl Scout Discount: $35 per person

ADRENALINE RUSH Crank up the adrenaline as you and your friends traverse all 18 elements of our High Ropes course. As you progress through the three levels, going higher and higher, you will find yourself 40 feet in the air! The course finishes strong with the Leap of Faith, where you jump safely to the ground. Once everyone is down, we offer you the choice of riding our 330 foot Zip Line or launching into the air on our Giant Swing.

10-25 guests, must be at least 8 years old, 48 inches tall, 70 - 275 lbs.

Regular Cost: $55 per person for about 3 hours of fun. Girl Scout Discount: $49 per person

GRAVITY INDEPENDENCE Test yourself on all of our extreme challenges! Balance high above the ground on our High Ropes challenge course. Glide through the forest on our 330 ft. Zip Line. Climb the challenging routes of the Terrapin Tower. And defy gravity as you experience 2 G’s of force on our Giant Swing.

10-50 guests, must be at least 8 years old and 48 inches tall, 70 - 275 lbs.

Regular Cost: $75 per person for 4 hours of fun. Girl Scout Discount: $59 per person

Terrapin Adventures is currently offering Geocaching Merit Badge programs for Boy Scouts, as well as the Adventure Sport Badge for Girl Scouts.

Notes: Prices do not include the 7.5% Maryland Admissions & Amusement Tax or 6% Sales Tax for food items Rates are Monday - Friday. Add $5 per person for Saturday & Sunday dates. Pricing subject to change and we can customize a program to your specific needs. The above discounts require a minimum of 10 participants.

Nearby Camping: If your looking for camp ground there are three within a 30-minute drive of Terrapin Adventures. Cherry Hill,, (301) 937-7116 and Rambling Pines, (410) 795-5161 and Patapsco Valley State Park (410) 461-5005.

Additional Options:


__ Add an additional zip or swing (to certain packages)

Add $7 per person

__ Add Terrapin Adventures patches for the group

Add $4 per patch

__ Cake and refreshments (you can pick flavor and frosting)

Add $5 per person

__ Pizza and soda (pick from the toppings below (we use 3 slices per person avg.)

Add $8 per person

__Cheese __Pepperoni __ Mushroom __Chicken __Bell Pepper __Pineapple

__ Bag lunch including sandwich, chips, fruit, cookies and drink

Add $12 per person

__ Gourmet box lunch including sandwich/salad, side dish, fruit or desert, and drink

Add $18 per person

__ Rent our party room and bring your own food (30 minutes of non-exclusive use)

Add $30 flat

Where: Terrapin Adventures, Savage, MD
When: Call to Schedule or complete a inquiry form off our web site at
Register: Call 301-725-1313
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