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Troop Numbers

Q: How will new leaders be assigned troop numbers?
A: New troop numbers will be issued by Database Coordinators to SU Registrars. Since a troop needs to be set up in the online registration system, the communication with a Database Coordinator is an important step in starting a new troop.

Q: Can SU Registrars use existing (and available) troop numbers to start new troops?
A: A troop number should only be issued to a troop in coordination with the Database Coordinator. This will assure that no duplications occur and that the troop is actually set-up with the new leader in the online system. We prefer that Registrars recycle old troop numbers whenever possible.

Q: What happens if a parent or leader is completing online registration but doesn't know or incorrectly enters the troop and/or service unit number?
A: If the girl or adult is an existing member, the troop and service unit numbers will be
pre-populated by the database onto the registration screen. A request for transfer to the new troop must be sent to a Database Coordinator for processing.
If the girl or adult is registering for the first time, she will be assigned to the council and can be moved to the appropriate troop. Adults are able to add positions to multiple troop numbers during the registration process and from their My Account page after completing registration. Please see the Adult Position Codes section for more information.

Q: In Registration Handbook, it states that a new troop needs at least two registered adults?
A: This guideline is linked to the issuing of new troop numbers. In order to ensure a new troop will be viable in terms of both girl membership and adult supervision, we have set the number guidelines. Experience shows that if we can engage more than one adult in membership, the troop's likelihood of meeting and thriving is improved.

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