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Sleep Away Camp Programs at Camp Winona Summer 2014
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Winona Program Dates Chart 

For Girls Only (K to 11) Fee: $195
This is your last chance to spend a half week with your mom, sister, aunt, grandma, or another female role model! You will experience camp in a unique atmosphere with one of a kind hand on experience. You will spend time in the culinary kitchen, try your hand at arts n craft, and explore the science world of camp. Don’t forget to pack your luau gear! There will also be plenty of time to sit around the campfire, try canoeing or kayaking, and even hike some trails around camp to new adventures. After 7 great summers, this program will be retired in 2014. Adults are responsible for the supervision of the girls they attend camp with. Everyone who attends will need to adhere to camp guidelines at all times.

Chaco and camper

NEW! Color Brites (K to 2) Fee: $195
Join this half-weekprogram and spend three fun-filled days at camp! Come see what camp is all about!  Try a little bit of everything at camp during the day!  Then take part in special color war activities during the evening!

NEW! Lil Picasso (1 to 3) Fee: $350
Discover the artist in you. Paint a canvas to take home and add some art to the woodland mural. Try your hand at making a pinch pot. Enjoy all the camp has to offer you. You will earn the Painting badge!

Musi-Cool (2 to3)Fee: $350
Do you love to sing, dance, and act?  Then this program is for you. Learn some new dance steps, songs, and put your acting to the test!  At the end of the week, you will create a short musical to complete the Dancer badge.

Superheroes (2 to 3) Fee: $350swimming pool splash
It's time for superhero training!  Come prepared to test your superhero powers. You will gain all of the essential tools of a great superhero like your very own cape! Spend extra time in the pool learning superhero skills. You will earn the inventor badge!

Bakers Dozen (2 to3) Fee: $350
Spend time in Ev’s Kitchen and learn to be a baker!  Try your hand at cookies, brownies, and bread.  You will have plenty of treats to take home including a recipe in a jar to show off your new baking skills.

Moonlight Mania (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Not a fan of getting up at 7A.M. to get ready for breakfast? Why not stay up till past midnight and then sleep in? You’ll spend your afternoons taking part in camp activities from kayaking to swimming to arts and crafts then take part in our astronomy program and creatures of the night. You will have an all night hootenanny in your unit and make glow in the dark water rocket to shoot off at night

Watered Down (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Love the water? Canoeing, kayaking and swimming are what this week is all about! Spend your days at Trefoil Pond improving your boating skills and at the pool splashing about and playing water games. Spend the night with some of our waterfront staff down near the pond. gettin dirty in the rain

Artistas (3 to 5) Fee: $350
During this creative week, explore different artistic mediums such as painting, mosaics, and even crayon canvas art. Girls will also have a chance to try out new things like basketry or jewelry! You will take home one-of-a-kind crafts that you are sure to treasure and leave your creative touch on camp contributing to 2014 mural!

Mad Scientist (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Spend the week being a mad scientist at camp. You will have a blast during rocketry day!  Spend time in the science lab experimenting with polymer, chemistry and discovering microbiology and the microscopic world.

Gettin’ Dirty (3 to 5) Fee: $350gnomie sile
Do you mind getting in the dirt and mud?  Spend time at camp doing the messiest activities: jump into the mud pit, use the extreme water slide, play in the balloon paint area, and go on a marsh stomp! You bring the extra shoes and clothes, we will provide the extra showers during your week at camp.

NEW! Gnomies (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Join the secret gnome society that explores the hidden wonders around Camp Winona! Use the tools like GPS, compass, and map skills.  Learn how to geocache, complete an orienteering challenge course, mine for gemstones and hunt for hidden treasures.

Camp Safari (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Spend time in our Nature Center learning about animal tracks, try you hand at ocean excavation and then go on a safari to find the woodland creatures at Winona!  Become part of Winona zoo crew as you take on responsibility for the animal residents at camp

Legends ‘n Lore (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Spend the week learning about legends and lore of the area!  Sleep in the tipis on one our trails, make a treasure pouch and take part in the Winona drum circle.  Take aim while practicing your archery skills and try your hand at cave painting.

swimming pool sideStriders (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Spend some time with the lifeguards at the pool! You will have double the pool times during your camping days. Enjoy swim lessons, learn water skills, try synchronized swimming, and have a floating lunch. Make a one of a kind sand bowl to take home from camp.

Hear the Beat (3 to 5) Fee: $350
Are you born to Dance?  You will learn some new steps, host a late night dance party for camp and show off your skills at several performances. You will be stepping to the beat throughout camp all week!

NEW! Color What (3 to 7) Fee: $195
You will try everything camp has to offer during this half week session. Plus you will compete in an ultimate color war combining all of the unique activities of camp. Celebrate the end of the session with a color bonfire!

Jr. Chefs (4 to 5) Fee: $350
Learn all about cooking this week! Try out some new recipes and new cooking styles.   At the end of the week, you’ll host a dinner party for another unit at camp, take home a Winona cookbook and make a special treat to share with your family. You will earn you Simple Meals badge.

NEW! STORM THE CASTLE (4 to 5) Fee: $350archery winona
Explore the life of Robin Hood! Become an archery legend of the medieval days! Hone in your archery skills for the big archery tournament at the end of the week! Take part in pool jousting!  Protect the castle at all costs in an epic capture the flag!

NEW! Pastry Delights (4 to 5) Fee: $350
Bread, cookies, cupcakes, and candy!  What a bakers delight!  You will learn to make a bunch of great pastries from scratch. You will take home a sampling of delights for your whole family! You will also take home the cookbook with all of the recipes from your time at camp.

NEW! Up All Night (5 to 7) Fee: $350
Here is your chance to stay up all night at camp.  While everyone is sleeping, you will be up enjoying activities that can only be done at night plus you will be causing a little mischief around camp! Don’t worry, you will be able to sleep in too!

NEW! Zombie Survival (5 to 7) Fee: $350
Are you prepared for the Zombies? We will teach you all the skills that you will need to outlast the zombies. Take part in survival obstacle course as you outrun the zombies. Learn the “Thriller” dance as it showcases your zombie dancing skills

Culinary Creations (6 to 8) Fee: $360culinary girls
Make your own chef’s apron before becoming a star chef.  Learn everything from cooking over an open fire to cooking in the kitchen.  Prepare lunch Friday afternoon for the whole camp-from appetizers to desert! You will earn the New Cuisines badge.

Winona Unplugged (6 to 8) Fee: $350
Are you a musician at heart? At Camp Winona, you will learn to play several chords on a guitar at camp. Form a band with the other girls and design a rock t-shirt. By the end of the week, you will be able to show off your talent to the whole camp!

Glee (6 to 8) Fee: $350
Are you a singer?  Do you find yourself randomly belting out songs all the time? Get your voice ready and don’t forget your dancing skills.  You will be entertaining camp with performances throughout the week!

Eco Chic(6 to 8) Fee: $360
Harness the energy of the sun and world around you!  You will embellish a canvas reusable shopping bag and then hit the local farmers market pick up supplies to make dinner together. You will also be learning how to make several products that are eco friendly too that you will take home to share with your family!

NEW! River Daze (6 to 8) Fee: $360Turtle Hunt
Can you survive a day on the river? What about two days?  Do you like canoeing or kayaking?  Here is your chance to put your skills to the test!  You will spend time practicing your water skills at Winona before you head out for two different day trips on the river!

Camp CEO (9 to 11) Fee: $350
Do you want to get a better idea of what life is like after high school?  Spend a week with some of the Washington metropolitan area’s top women executives as they hang up their business suits and share traditional camp experiences.  Find out about daily life in a variety of careers and hear about their challenges and triumphs professionally AND personally.  Learn what it takes to be successful in today’s world while enjoying a fun week of camp!

Leadership Programs

Counselor In Training (CIT) I (9 to 11) Fee: $480
Find the leader in you in this two-week program.  Learn to lead songs, games and other camp activities, and experience the challenges and rewards of working with younger girls in an outdoor setting while earning your CIT pin.  The CIT I program at Camp May Flather and Camp Winona is a two-week program, and CIT I will stay at camp on the weekend.  The CIT I program fulfills the prerequisite requirement for the CIT II program.

New! Counselor in Training II (10 to 11) Fee: $500
The CIT II program is a four-week leadership opportunity for girls who have already completed the CIT I, Aquatic CIT or WIT program.  Girls will learn to teach outdoor camping skills in a variety of programs, as well as earn their CIT II pin.  CIT II must leave camp on their weekend breaks; bus transportation is available.

Junior Counselor Program

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