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Be a Girl Scout Champion

10 Facts to Share about Girl Scouts

Say it loud, “I’m Proud to be a Girl Scout!”
You are part of an incredible movement that instills confidence in girls. Our program is girl tested, girl approved since 1912.

 Girls come first
Girls will not find the opportunities offered by Girl Scouts in any other organization; only in an organization designed specifically for girls, by girls.

We’re girl experts
Girl’s self-esteem levels drop drastically below boys as they enter adolescence, but when girls participate in Girl Scouts they are in a safe, supportive, girl-led environment where girls take risks, make choices, solve problems and lead.

We’re role models
Girls are surrounded by caring adults cheering them every step on their way. Volunteers help girls discover their passion. Girls learn how to work as teams and make decisions preparing them for a lifetime of leadership.

We get girls outdoors
Outdoors fosters adventure, friendship and perseverance. With eight beautiful camps, Girl Scouts can spend time in nature. They learn to overcome their fears, thrive physically and gain important skills as they earn badges.

We get girls STEM ready
We capture girls’ natural curiosity and expose them to science, technology, engineering and math. Our hands-on program and badges teach skills in robotics, engineering, space science, cybersecurity and more. When it comes to STEM, we have a badge for that!

Our girls are entrepreneurs
Our Cookie program is the largest girl-led business in the world. Girls learn important business skills, how to set goals to finance their dreams, ethical leadership and how to deliver great customer service.

Our girls are leaders
Every year spent in Girl Scouts girls’ leadership skills and confidence grows. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the pinnacle of a Girl Scout’s leadership journey. These girls demonstrate a commitment to solving community problems, with determination, confidence and drive to earn the highest award: Gold Award.

Spread the Word
Invite friends over for Girl Scout cookies & milk and share the benefits of being a Girl Scout member. Hold a reception at your house of worship or school to inform your community of the value and importance of Girl Scouts. Post a Girl Scout yard sign in your yard. Join us on social media and share your Girl Scout experiences using the hashtag #ProudGirlScout

Be a Myth Buster
There are a lot of myths about Girl Scouts—starting with Girl Scouts don’t camp or offer challenging adventures. We know that’s wrong, but it is a deeply held belief that reinforces gender stereotypes. You are our best representatives to counter the myths and share the amazing opportunities girls get through Girl Scouting.