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Girl Scouts do amazing things every day. They might start a self confidence-boosting movement, help protect the environment, and make their communities better in more ways than we can count. Check out the amazing ways Girl Scouts are changing the world! 

Troop 60033 with Assisted Living Residents
Troop 6003 with Brandywine Assisted Living Residents

Brownie Troop 60033 visited the Bradywine Assisted Living facility to spend time playing Bingo with the residents. Seven Brownie Scouts met with 11 residents. The Brownies took on responsibilities such as Bingo Caller, and helping residents place chips on called numbers. 

The Brownies also talked with each of their residents and shared a unique fact about them to the rest of the group thus practicing how to properly introduce themselves to others and improve their confidence and public speaking skills. Both the residents, Scouts and their parent had a wonderful time. 

Troop 6003 has entered into partnership with Brandywine Asssisted Living which will have Brownies coming to the location once a month to interact with the residents and complete community service projects.