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Girl Scouts at Home is our way to deliver programming to girls, volunteers, and families virtually at-home. These unique Girl Scout sisterhood experiences will help us stay connected during these unprecedented times. Check-in daily as we will add badge activities, programs, and more resources.

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Check out GSUSA's national Girl Scouts at Home resources!


Girl Scout Activities and Programs

HPE Cybersecurity Patch Program

GSCNC Girl Scout Juniors

Girl Scouts Nation's Capital Juniors can participate in our HPE Cybersecurity Patch program! Juniors can earn the patch and a gift (while supplies last). 
HPE Cybersecurity Patch

The Gift of Trees

The Gift of Trees

This program commemorates the gift of 3,020 cherry blossom trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of Washington, D.C. in 1912 – the same year Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scout movement in Savannah, Georgia! The Gift of Trees Patch Program focuses on three key themes—international friendship, arts and culture, and the environment.

Gift of Trees Patch Program

Gift of Trees Patch Program Virtual Addendum

Trefoil Scavenger Hunt

Trefoil Scavenger Hunt 
Display this Trefoil in your window and post a picture to Facebook!

Downloadable Print

Women's Suffrage Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Women’s Suffrage VIRTUAL Scavenger Hunt 

Get your favorite snack and flex your fingers for this virtual scavenger hunt! Explore the Women’s Suffrage Movement by solving clues to learn about the 19th Amendment and the people who helped bring women the right to vote. PowerPoint version is available on Rallyhood.


Troop 2739's Bronze Award Bee Hotel Tutorial

Check out how you can make a bee hotel for some of the Brownie Bugs Badge or Junior Animal Habitats Badge requirements here!


Camping at Home

Familes Go Camping Header
Girl Scouts Go the Distance Challenge
STEP Challenge Logo (1)

Get moving with our NEW Girl Scouts Go the Distance Challenge! Pick from a variety of distance/step challenges to complete with a team of your choosing. Your team can be your family, your troop, or anyone else, and there is no maximum team size. You don’t need to live in the same house as your teammates or be physically together to complete the challenge. Use the tracking sheets to record your team’s progress!

On October 1, share photos of your team completing the challenge with us on Facebook!

Girl Scouts Go the Distance Flyer

100,000 Steps 1 Week   15 Miles 1 Week
200,000 Steps 1 Week   25 Miles 1 Week
500,000 Steps 1 Week   50 Miles 1 Week
250,000 Steps 2 Weeks   40 Miles 2 Weeks
500,000 Steps 2 Weeks   75 Miles 2 Weeks
1,000,000 Steps 2 Weeks    100 Miles 2 Weeks


Try out one of these self-paced outdoor-themed activities!

Try your hand at making a firestarter while also completing one of the activities in the Explore Camp Main Patch.

A favorite camp craft is paracord survival bracelets! Make your own using this guide.

Print out these fortune tellers to learn more about first aid and Leave No Trace. First Aid Fortune Teller and Leave No Trace Fortune Teller

Want to learn more about hiking? Check out this Hiking Safety Video and Activities made by a Silver Award Girl Scout.

Looking to get out and about outdoors in your neighborhood or at a local park? Try the Urban Scavenger Hunt or the Nature Scavenger Hunt.

Discover what’s in the sky this summer with the June 2020 Star Map, July 2020 Star Map, and August Sky Map.

Need help looking for your favorite constellation? Make Your Own Planisphere with this template! 

Feeling hungry? Make some nut-free granola bars, ice cream in a bag, or Camp Staff’s Recipes from Around the World.

Challenge yourself to get outdoors and explore with the GSUSA: Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors CHALLENGE!

Looking for some high adventure at home? Try this guide to Make Your Own Slingshot.

Did you miss our Council-Wide Virtual Campout? Use the Guide and Activities to design your own campout.

Love nature and journaling, try creating a Camp Journal.

Too hot outside? Try out one of these water-themed activities Cloud in a Bottle Project, Pythagoras Cup Activity Video | Instructions, How Melting Ice Causes Sea Level Rise Project, Bleach Tie-Dye, Make Your Own Water Filter, or a Wow! Wonders of Water Escape Room created by a Girl Scout Brownie!

Experience a little bit of summer camp with these activities DIY Fairy Wings, Camp May Flather Plants, or Camp Home Sweet Home Created by Bronze Award Girl Scouts.

Love Bugs? Us Too! Use this Bug Bingo to identify bugs in your yard, or make a Bee Hotel, Bug Bath, or Bug Box to help out our local pollinators.

How about flowers? Learn more about how flowers grow with these activities Color-Changing Celery and Flower Dissection.




Service Opportunities

As we learn of additional service opportunities we will add them to this section. Make sure you check the Community Service Rallyhood too!

Face Masks

Girl Scouts can support their communities’ by making face masks. The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies)

Girl Scouts can contact local nursing homes, hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, and essential workers and offer to make face masks. Make sure you get their requirements and quantity needed. If you are having difficulty finding somewhere to donate masks, click here to search by state to find where masks are needed. Additionally, Montgomery County Mask Makers is coordinating how to get masks into a supply chain where the need is greatest. . GSUSA is working with Feeding America to distribute masks to support local food banks and the communities they serve. Visit and enter your zip code to identify a local FA food bank.

Helpful resources to get started on making a face mask:

CDC face covering information

Joann Fabrics- make to give

GSUSA has put together additional resources to get you started on your face masks. Check out Girl Scouts Give Back: Face Mask Making Project to see: Face Masking Making Instructions for Troop Leaders, How to Donate Face Masks for Troop Leaders, and a sample letter to include when sending masks.

Disclaimer about masks: Fabric face masks are not medical-grade and not a replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment

Girl Scouts Give Back: Citizen Science

Girl Scouts USA is encouraging girls and troops to contribute to important scientific research from home! By becoming citizen scientists, Girl Scouts can help scientists solve some of the big problems facing our planet. Check out GSUSA’s website to learn how to participate in the citizen science projects listed below through our partnership with SciStarter. By participating in one of our Girl Scouts Give Back citizen science projects, girls will contribute to scientific research and make the world a better place.   

Troop Leader Instructions

The Great Sunflower Project (All ages): Some bee populations have experienced severe declines that may affect food production. However, there’s little information about how a decline in the bee population can influence gardens. The Great Sunflower Project makes it easy to gather this information. Find a plant in your yard or neighborhood, observe it for 5+ minutes, record all the pollinators that visit, and share your data online.

Globe at Night (Cadettes, Seniors, and Cadettes): Light pollution not only affects our view of the stars, but it also wastes energy and money, causes sleep disorders in people, and disrupts the sleeping and breeding habits of animals like newly hatched sea turtles. In this project, you’ll go outside and compare how many stars you can see in a constellation to how many stars you should be able to see. You’ll mark your location, share if it’s cloudy, and tell the project if you were or were not able to see the stars.

Girl Scouts Give Back: Letter Writing Service Project

Girl Scouts Give Back: Letter Writing Service Project

The idea is simple: girls write letters to people in nursing homes, senior residences, and assisted living facilities, including dedicated staff and caregivers. This long-distance hug is a way to share your good thoughts with these vulnerable and loved community members.

GSUSA has put together some helpful resources to get you started on your letters. Click on the title above to see:

Letter Writing Tips for Girls

Letter Writing Instructions for Troop Leaders

List of Senior and Assisted Living Facilities

Instructions/Cover Letter to Facilities

Sunrise PenPal Program

Sunrise PenPal Program 
Sunrise Senior Living is introducing the PenPal Program to build meaningful relationships, connect with the outside community while practicing social distancing and provide opportunities to share positive messages, pictures and stories between Sunrise residents and local community Girl Scouts. For more information and to be connected with a local community Click on the title above.

In addition to service hours, the Pen Pal program can help meet badge requirements! You can apply this activity to "Making Friends" for Brownies, or "Social Butterfly" for Juniors.

Girl Scouts Give Back: Fighting Hunger

More than 50 million adults, kids, and families in the U.S. are experiencing food insecurity, a number that has only increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and may include members of our own communities, friends, and family, or members of our troops, making this a sensitive and important take action issue for Girl Scouts.

As they think about how to give back this holiday season, girls can make a big difference in their communities—and for children around the world—by supporting hunger relief efforts. There are lots of ways for your troop to make an impact, whether you’re meeting safely in person or virtually, and even if you aren’t able to give food directly:

Click here to find detailed Troop Leader Instructions and a Food Drive Toolkit.


Environmental Activities (Earth Day 2020)

Climate Action
Additional Resources


A Girl Scout Message for Those in Isolation


Virtual Troop Meetings


Thanks to our volunteers and staff, our council is offering girls Virtual Troop meetings that are interactive learning experiences. And they are fun! Connect with your troop leader and offer assistance today in creating your troop’s virtual community. 


Program Partner Resources

General Resources

Empowerment Lessons -- What skills and abilities will you need for success in any career you choose? The role models in these short videos provide valuable insights and guidance to help you on your way. Watch the videos and then use the Independent Learning Guide to jumpstart a valuable discussion on what it takes to succeed in life and in your career.

Importance of Diversity
Importance of Extracurricular Activities
Developing Communication Skills

Empowerment Activities -- Use these activities to reinforce the corresponding video topic or theme and build teamwork and community within your group.
Giving Back Poster
Write And Pass
Cup Tower Challenge

Motivational Mini-Posters -- Download these free mini-posters with inspiring quotes from Career Girls Role Models!

Smithsonian Learning Lab has assembled Distance Learning Educational Resources that can be widely shared. The Smithsonian is committed to supporting teachers and their students around the globe as they face unprecedented new learning challenges. Here, on the Learning Lab, teachers have access to millions of digital resources from across the Smithsonian's museums, research centers, libraries, archives, and more. You will also find pre-packaged collections that contain lessons, activities, and recommended resources made by Smithsonian museum educators as well as thousands of classroom teachers like you. Use the search bar below to search for Smithsonian Learning Lab Collections. Additional Smithsonian educational resources can be found here.

STEM Resources

STEM for Scouts- A principle of the Girl Scouts of the USA is to break down barriers. This includes not letting COVID-19 be an obstacle for progress! Our “Earn your Badge from Home” program utilizes online tools such as Google Classroom, to provide a simple step-by-step process your scouts can complete earning their Coding for Good Badges, all on their own! We work with troop leaders, one-on-one, to schedule a convenient time for scouts to log in as a group or individually.

Our pre-recorded online sessions are structured around badge curriculum and include:
- A fun coding project tutorial on Scratch (an online block-based programming website for kids)
- Discussion about computer science principles
- Breaks to watch attached videos to learn about amazing female leaders in the tech space
Videos are carefully designed to be extremely similar to an in-person experience and students can learn at their own pace. A teacher will be available for immediate online assistance for pre-booked programs.
We strongly encourage you to watch a brief video explanation of our program and see just how easy the whole process is! Please visit this link.
Check out or email for more information.

Boolean GirlFull STEM Ahead is a series of FREE, online events with a live instructor teaching kids to Code, Build, Invent, and Animate. Join us each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 PM eastern for a new episode and a new project. Each day we will lead you through a project where we code, or build something new and fun.  Girl Scouts can use these porjects to complete coding badges. 

Challenger CenterSTEM at Home is a collection of Challenger Center lessons and activities that can be modified and completed at home. Each STEM at Home category includes at least one at-home lesson. These activities require common household items or products that are readily available online. All STEM at Home lessons are marked with an asterisk * on the lesson page.

Give Your Girl Scout a STEM Adventure
Classroom Adventures are online experiences that take students on journeys to explore and discover real-world STEM challenges. Designed for 3rd-5th graders. Thanks to Washington Space Business Roundtable's sponsorship, 30 Girl Scout troops from the Nation's Capital region will search for a missing Hawaiian monk seal, identify bones of a ground sloth, and help save the Smoky Mountains from a mysterious plant. Schedule your adventures today! Email or call 202-827-1580.

Destination Moon
Students launch Blue Origin’s New Glenn and deploy the Blue Moon lunar lander on a cargo mission to the Moon. Students work in teams to monitor the engines and the structure of the rocket and the lander (including recovery of the reusable first stage on a boat). Students will also monitor and adjust trajectory based on data about space weather and debris and choose an optimal Moon landing site

Destination Mars                          
The Mission: Researchers are ready to explore Mars, but there’s one glaring problem – more than 40 million miles separate Earth from the Red Planet. This distance makes it impossible to travel back and forth between the two planets while completing our research. We need to build a base on one of the Red Planet’s moons, Deimos or Phobos, that will allow us to send a spacecraft to the surface of Mars and back in the fastest and safest way possible. Student teams will select which moon is best to build a base by analyzing three sets of data collected by rovers on Deimos and Phobos.

The team’s research efforts come to a halt when they encounter a critical emergency – a solar storm approaches and all communication signals are lost. To successfully explore Mars’ moons and complete the mission, the students must work together to protect the rovers and restore communication, analyze the data from their experiments, and select a moon to build a base.

Learn about the Moon phases
Calling all Brownies: ever wonder how the Moon looks like a sliver during certain times of the month but, other times looks like a circle? Come learn about the Moon phases with this easy to do activity. In Moon Phases, students will assemble a model from cups and paper that will help them understand the names of the Moon phases, shapes of Moon phases, and how Moon phases occur. This activity would fulfill the Make a Moon art project badge requirement for the Space Science Adventurer badge.

Empowerment Lessons  -- Are you interested in a career in STEM? The role models in these short videos provide valuable insights and guidance to help you on your way. Watch the videos and then use the Independent Learning Guide to jumpstart a valuable discussion on STEM careers.
Why Consider AI
Why Choose STEM
Science Careers

Empowerment Activities -- Use these activities to reinforce the corresponding video topic or theme and build teamwork and community within your group.
Inflate a Balloon - Science
Marshmallow Structures - Architecture and Construction
Four Wheel Balloon Car - Engineering
Motivational Mini-Posters -- Download these free mini-posters with inspiring quotes from Career Girls Role Models!

Humane Rescue Alliance
Brownie Pets Badge
Learn how to choose the pet that's right for you—or find out how to take the best care of a pet you already have.

Cadette Animal Helpers Badge
Explore the connection between humans and animals. HRA sees the strength of the human animal bond on a daily basis. Meet the people who care for stray, relinquished, abused, and neglected animals. Learn how the joys of animal adoptions are shared by shelter staff, community members, and animals. Consider ways to help HRA help the animals and support community members whose companion animals brighten their days

Find out how animals help keep people safe. Search and rescue dogs, therapy animals, disease detection animals, and our own companion animals all help keep people safe and secure. Companion animals provide comfort and emotional support enabling people to live fuller, more engaging lives during these times of extreme loneliness and isolation.

Email Debbie Duel, Director of Humane Education to for registration details:

International Spy Museum 
Operation Code Cracker- Junior Detective Badge Workshop
There’s a mole in the operation. Junior Girl Scouts will identify the suspect, examine evidence and uncover the facts to expose the mole’s true identity. After participating in this workshop, Juniors will have completed all requirements for the Detective Badge.

Forensics of Espionage- Special Agent Badge Workshop
Cadettes become forensic scientists and use real FBI forensic techniques to examine evidence, make recommendations, and use the scientific method to attempt to determine the identity of a double agent. After participating in this workshop, Cadettes will have completed all requirements for the Special Agent Badge.

This is a sampling of virtual activities, check the International Spy Museum webpage for all Girl Scout opportunities!

Safe Surfin' Foundation - Cyber SWAT
Join us in a virtual classroom where Juniors, Cadettes & Seniors will learn about internet safety and be empowered to make safe choices through an interactive curriculum based program.
-A 1st level patch will be awarded to the girls who complete all of the units and attend a presentation with a Law Enforcement officer.
-A 2nd level patch will be awarded to those girls who choose to become a mentor and teach younger troops what they  have learned.

Maryland Science Center- has two places where we have been sharing Science activities for people to do at home. The first is on their Website  Let's Science Together. Additionally, the Maryland Science Center Facebook is posting challenges and live videos of activities that kids and families can do at home.

Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center Spark!Lab- Spark!Lab is a hands-on invention studio in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Spark!Lab activities communicate that invention is a process, rather than a single “Aha!” moment; provide visitors with opportunities to explore the invention process and their own inventiveness; and demonstrate the central role that invention plays in American history—and today.

Virtual Invention Challenges:
Users pick their challenge and are guided through the steps of the invention process - in a style similar to the facilitation approach used in the Spark!Lab. At the "Create it" step, users link over to a related Tinkercard portal where they can build and tweak their virtual inventions using parts provided or by creating their own elements. The five challenges are: Help Clean Up the Ocean, Invent a Musical Instrument, Reinvent the Shopping Cart, Design a Spacecraft, and Design a Stadium.

Spark!Lab's Now What? Invention Game
Unexpected problems often call for inventive solutions. Users create inventions based on random prompts, leading to unpredictable and fun outcomes.

Tudor Place Historic House and Garden- Step into the shoes of architect William Thornton and design your own houses. Imagine new ways to use everyday items that are normally thrown away. Create designs for a brand new house. List the things that a person needs in a home. Solve a problem for housing needs. Share with someone how you would use your new idea. Brownies will be able to complete all activities needed for the Inventor badge.
Questions? Contact

Vidcode- Free Unlimited Vidcode Access for troops until June 30th! The 300+ hours of additional tutorials** are creative, including things like filmmaking and off-computer activities, so they are a great supplement during closed summer camps.

** The unlimited Vidcode access is in addition to our GSUSA Coding for Good Badge tutorials, which are always free and can be accessed here anytime.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free educator/guardian account here (which will give troops access to our 10+ hours of free introductory content and the Coding for Good Badge activities).
  2. Fill out this form to request full unlimited access to the rest of our platform activities (over 300 hours of additional tutorials!).
  3. Attend our weekly Vidcode 101 Webinar (every Wed. @ 4pm EST) to get started fast and learn more.

Washington Architectural Foundation- remains committed to providing young people in the Washington area with early design education. Whether home from school trying to stay busy or seeking a fun and creative activity as a positive distraction, these challenges will encourage the discovery of the local built environment. Click here to learn more (suggested age group: 10-14, but this activity is for all ages and skill levels). Post your drawings on Instagram and tag us @DistrictArchCenter.

Life Skills Resources

iCivics- iCivics works to ensure every student in America receives a quality and engaging civic education through interactive games that transform abstract concepts into real-life problems.

Interactive Civics Games!
iCivics' growing collection of free online video games offers students and parents the opportunity to "play" with civic skills and knowledge. Argue a Supreme Court case, command the executive branch, help clients understand their constitutional rights. At iCivics, students are placed in the driver's seat and immersed in an interactive experience without ever leaving their location. Each game takes approximately 30+ minutes to play and is recommended for students in grades 5-12. Looking for more fun ways to play? Check out our Game Odyssey

Civics Projects 
iCivics County Solutions unit is a free lesson-based civics project that students can complete at their own pace. Students select a community issue, problem, or concern that they'd like to solve or improve, examine the broad context of their issue—including the role of county and other levels of government—and focus on bringing about local change using strategies tailored to their individual issues. We've broken down the project into nine manageable steps for students in grades 6-8 and ten more research-intensive steps for high school students, with one lesson per step. This project-based unit is perfect for troops and girls working to earn their Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards. Sign up for a free iCivics Parent or Educator account to access the resources.

Impact Challenge-
Caring for others, bridging differences, and taking collective action to address challenges have been important themes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you looking for a meaningful way to engage and contribute right now? Play iCivics games and earn Impact Points. Donate your points to charities working every day to support the common good. Donations will be made to organizations that earn the most Impact Points. Learn how you can help now through August 20th.

Claster Educational Services- Claster Educational Services is offering a virtual workshop series to help the Class of 2021 get started on the college application process and college essays. Details and registration are available here. Customized events for Senior and Ambassador Troops are also available; contact to schedule.

Cupcakes and Lace is a year round sewing and art studio just for kiddos and Girl Scouts that provides small group classes, private sewing lessons, birthday parties and camps! During COVID-19 they are offering craft and sewing kits as well as patch kit programs! These make great virtual birthday party alternatives, gift for a neighbor’s birthday, virtual Girl Scout activities or just for a rainy day stuck inside! You can choose from a variety of fun themes such as AG Doll Tea party crafting, junk food plushies sewing, paper dolls, whimsical fairy gardens with real succulent plants, groovy doghouse plushie crafting and tons more! Each kit comes with written instructions, photos, and all supplies. All hand sewing kits come with video instructions upon request. We offer free delivery locally and can also ship to you!

All of our patch kits come with all the instructions, research, easy and inexpensive supply list for craft/snack segment etc. all completed…basically we save leaders all the time and research and you can have a virtual troop meeting with minimal prep time! Depending on the troop level these kits should take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. We have 4 patch kit themes to choose from. Each patch kit consists of a craft, snack, and learning segment/game! It also comes with necessary patterns (when needed for the craft portion) and an easy supply list. Each supply list is easy to get and inexpensive. Just a few supplies needed for snack or craft portion of kit. You only need ONE patch kit per troop and each patch kit comes with ONE fun patch. You can then purchase additional patches based on how many you need. NOTE: if you are out of our delivery range (see top of page for list of delivery towns) just contact us and we can mail to you or you can pick up on our studio porch for free.

Empowerment Lessons -- What are the skills, character traits, and personal habits you should be developing right now? The role models in these short videos provide valuable insights and guidance to help you on your way. Watch the videos and then use the Independent Learning Guide to jumpstart a valuable discussion on developing life skills.
Importance of Teamwork
Importance of Mentors

Empowerment Activities -- Use these activities to reinforce the corresponding video topic or theme and build teamwork and community within your group.
Integrity Bingo
DIY Bank
Confidence Collage
Motivational Mini-Posters -- Download these free mini-posters with inspiring quotes from Career Girls Role Models!

Fancy Girl Tea Parties, Crafts & Bling LLC- offers a variety of virtual Girl Scout Themed/Badge/Patch Work, Life Skill, Strong Women Centered, Holiday, and Arts & Craft Programs.  Including a full slate of summer opportunities. Keep checking the website and Facebook page for new free craft ideas and programs.

Below is a list of current offerings, head to the website for more details and registration information:

  • Girls on the Go- Visit New York City and Lady Liberty ! Video/PDF Program
  • Girls on the Go- Visit Washington DC and Meet Freedom! Video/PDF Program
  • Girls on the Go- Visit Savannah and Girl Scout Birthplace!  Video/PDF Program
  • Travel Abroad - Scandinavia, Frozen and Jewelry Adventure Video/PDF Program
  • Travel Abroad - Celebrate Chinese New Year with Mulan! Video/PDF Program
  • Travel Abroad- Visit Jasmine’s Middle East Video/PDF Program
  • Travel Abroad- Meet Cleopatra and Visit Egypt Video/PDF Program
  • Travel Abroad- Meet Elizabeth 1 and Visit England Video/PDF Program
  • Travel Abroad- Let's Travel to Paris and Visit Belle Video/PDF Program
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg Facts & Crafts– Video/PDF Program
  • Free Personal Safety Workshop for Girl Scouts K-5th Grade from KidsSmartz
  • Meet Daisy! Explore the Childhood of Girl Scout Founder-Juliette Gordon Low Video/PDF
  • Hello Juliette! Experience the Young Adulthood of Juliette Gordon Low Video/PDF
  • Here Comes the Bride! Learn about Juliette's life as Mrs. Low Video/PDF
  • Meet the Leader of Troop One!  Juliette starts the Girl Scouts Video/PDF
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Fancy Tea or Party Video/PDF
  • Yoga Workshop Video for Girls
  • Running Workshop Video for Girls
  • Virtual GLAMOUR Girl Program Video/PDF ongoing 2020
  • Virtual Recognize and Stop Human Trafficking VIDEO and Comic Book
  • Virtual GSCNC Gift of Trees Patch Program
  • NEW Virtual Women’s Right to Vote Program Video/PDF 2021
  • NEW Virtual Girls in Space Video/PDF Program 2021
  • Virtual Equal Pay Day Program Video/PDF
  • Virtual Anti Racism Patch Program Video/PDF
  • Virtual Wonder Woman in Training Program Video/PDF
  • Virtual Manners Program Video/PDF
  • Virtual Troop Tea Party Programs and Favors
  • Virtual Troop Sleep Over Fun Programs and Favors

Keep checking the website and Facebook page for new free craft ideas and programs. Questions to Jamal Frangie Rubeiz, at

Free Personal Safety Workshop for Girl Scouts K-5th Grade from KidsSmartz-D, B, J, C

Created by KidSmartz, an educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC}, this Video and PowerPoint teaches kids about being safe and following the 4 Rules of Personal Safety. This program is free but Think/Act patches are $3 each. Narrated and recorded by Jamal Rubeiz, this is a great program for younger Girl Scout troops and parents to watch together, pause and discuss.

KidSmartz is a child safety program that educates families about preventing abduction and empowers kids in grades K-5 to practice safer behaviors. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is the leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing services to families, private industry, law enforcement, victims, and the general public to assist in preventing child abductions, recovering missing children, and supporting services to reduce child sexual exploitation.

Franklin Park Arts Center- Every day at noon we provide a bit of cultural nourishing with a 15-20 minute virtual program in the visual or performing arts.  Monday -Sunday we introduce you to artists and performers who spend some time sharing their art with you -- demonstrating their creative process, performing a comedic monologue, showing you their studio, leading you in dance, playing a mini-concert even sharing a short film.  Most of the performances are LIVE on our Facebook page and captured on our website as well.  Sometimes we post a video for you to watch.  Every day is something new and different, keeping you connected to the arts by connecting you virtually with the artists.  We look forward to brightening your day with a little bit of the Arts!

Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens- Hillwood invites Girl Scouts to Explore Hillwood from Home with coloring pages, art projects, games, and a variety of other ways to enjoy the museum and gardens through our comprehensive digital offerings.

Hillwood's most popular Girl Scout program goes virtual! Our virtual version of In Fabergé's Workshop brings a dynamic and engaging experience directly to your Girl Scouts through live video chat, led by a trained museum educator. 

Girl Scouts actively participate in playful games and create their own drawings, as they explore Hillwood's sumptuous jewelry, glittering treasures, and magnificent art from the comfort of their own homes. This program meets most of the requirements for the Junior Jeweler badge and the program activities are age appropriate and engaging for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Cadette girls.

For more information, or to schedule a virtual program for your troop, visit our website or email

InGenius Prep- InGenius Prep offers educational resources to help Girl Scouts prepare for the college application process. We host free webinars with Former Admissions Officers and provide individualized counseling to assist with extracurricular enhancement and the application process. They recorded a webinar about college admissions, COVID-19, and what students can be doing right now: How the Coronavirus will Impact College Admissions.

Tudor Place Historic House and Garden- We have set the scene for you to recreate life at Tudor Place in 1911! Junior Girl Scouts will be able to complete all activities needed for the Playing the Past badge.
Questions? Contact

United Planet - Virtual Volunteering
United Planet’s Virtual Volunteering experiences empower participants to develop global leadership skills and give back to local communities around the world. With over 30 countries to choose from, our programs are built according to the skills, interests, goals, and availability of our participants, to ensure they have an experience they can cherish.

Women's Suffrage Movement
Are you looking to explore the Women's Suffrage Movement with your Girl Scouts? Check out these resources from iCivics. Sign up for a FREE educator or parent account. Access our infographic and accompanying WebQuest.



Entrepreneurship Resources

Empowerment Lessons -- What are the skills and abilities that you need to be a successful entrepreneur? The role models in these short videos provide valuable insights and guidance to help you on your way. Watch the videos and then use the Independent Learning Guide to jumpstart a valuable discussion on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Financial Literacy
Become a Leader
Importance of Work Experience

Empowerment Activities -- Use these activities to reinforce the corresponding video topic or theme and build teamwork and community within your group.
DIY Bank
Improv Night
Confidence Collage
Motivational Mini-Posters
-- Download these free mini-posters with inspiring quotes from Career Girls Role Models!

SheEO Academy - SheEO™ Academy empowers the CEO in every girl! We help Girl Scouts earn business, financial literacy, and innovation badges in person and online. Earn all 5 badge steps with our interactive, hands-on program. Receive a take-away and a FREE Briefcase FUN PATCH! Register and get ready to BE a SheEO™!

SPARK Business Academy - is offering live, fully interactive online classes for grades 3-11, as well as online financial literacy badge workshops.  Class topics include entrepreneurship, personal finance, investing, leadership, sports management, debate, international diplomacy, and more!  For more details, visit or call 703.371.3155. 

Financial Literacy Empowerment

VicTreeFi - Earn Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship Badges Online! $4 -5 per badge                                               

Badges: Daisy Toy Business Designer, Brownie Budding Entrepreneur, Junior Business Jumpstart, Cadette Business Creator, Daisy Talk It Up, Daisy Making Choices, Daisy Count It Up, Brownie Meet My Customers, Brownie Money Manager, Brownie Philanthropist, Junior Business Owner, Junior Customer Insights, Junior Savvy Shopper, Cadette Budgeting, Cadette Comparison Shopping, Cadette Financing My Dreams, Senior Buying Power, Senior Financing My Future, Ambassador Good Credit, Ambassador On My Own. Continue to check the VicTreeFi webpage as new badges will be added.

Outdoor Resources

Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC - All About Sled Dogs:  Virtual Meet and Greet! It's All About the Dogs!  Sled dogs that is.  Come out, virtually via Zoom, and meet Catherine Benson, owner of Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC and her crew of happy sled dogs.  During this Zoom program, we may include the following:  virtual meet and greet with six to eight of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs; types of harnesses used for dog sledding and how to harness a sled dog; equipment used in dog sledding including our wheeled carts and our traditional dog sleds; commands used in dogsledding; our dog truck and how we transport our dogs; and what the dogs eat.  Watch live as we feed the dogs their dinner!  After, we'll hold a short question and answer session for all of your burning dogsledding questions.  Each session is live and content may vary. 

Visit for more information.


Community Resources 

General Resources

National Museum of African American History and Culture: 
NMAAHC Smithsonian Learning Lab

Women's History Museum:
Five Ways to Get Involved from Home this Women’s History Month
Creating Icons: How We Remember Woman Suffrage
Dr. Elizabeth Harmon Uncovers the Histories of Smithsonian Women in Science

National Gallery of Art:
Ten Digital Education Resources from the National Gallery of Art

EF Tours for Girls:
EF Tour Home Culture Challenge

Smithsonian's National Zoo:
Animal Webcams/Livestreams

National Mall: 
Cherry Blossom Livestream

Smithsonian Gardens: 
Cherry Blossoms

Smithsonian Institution:
Smithsonian Open Access 
Smithsonian Podcasts

Smithsonian Virtual Museum Tours: 

National Air and Space Museum: 
Space Shuttle Discovery 

National Museum of Asian Art:
Peacock Room

National Museum of Natural History:
David H. Koch Hall of Fossils - Deep Time 

National Portrait Gallery:
Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence 

STEM Resources


Honoring Educators
Educators around the country are working hard to provide families and students with home-based education, and as a nation, we are grateful to them. Over the years, we have been fortunate to partner with some amazing speakers who are also wonderful teachers. In this next video segment, hear from STEM Educator and Scientist Dr. Serena McCalla, be amazed by on-stage demonstrations with TV Host and Teacher Steve Spangler and learn from Author and Educator Dr. Chris Emdin.

Duquesne University Resources

Woods Hole Sea Grant Resources

NOAA Live! Series of webinars for children

The Washington Architectural Foundation 25 Projects for kids

Engineering Games and Projects

Solar Power Hobby Site

Construction and Building: STEM Projects and Activities for Kids

Life Skills Resources
Entrepreneurship Resources