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2021 Annual Meeting


2021 Annual Meeting

Our bylaws require an Annual Meeting of the corporate membership, (comprised of board members, nominating committee members, and council delegates) and is conducted in April every year.

This year’s Annual Meeting took place Saturday, April 17, 2021, and our theme was “Stronger Together.” We met virtually and encouraged our members to join us for the live stream of our annual business meeting.

Board President, Barbara Krumsiek's Remarks
CEO, Lidia Soto-Harmon's Remarks
2021 Annual Meeting Presentation


What happens at the Annual Meeting

Elect officers, directors at large, members of the Board Development Committee; and every three years, the delegates and alternates to the National Convention.


Consider any proposed amendments to the bylaws.


Provide input on key issues affecting the Council and the Movement.


Consider any other business appropriate to come before the corporation in accordance with the process established by the board of directors.

Service Unit Delegates

Delegates represent service units at our Annual Meeting and Forums. Service units select delegates and alternate delegates - members 14 years of age and older - who serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. Each service unit is allotted one delegate for every 200 girl members, based on the previous year.

Delegate Packet: 

  1. 2021 Packet Index
  2. Letter from Council President
  3. Annual Meeting Agenda
  4. Rules of Order
  5. April 18, 2020 Meeting Minutes
  6. Girl Scouts Nation's Capital 2020 Audit
  7. Girl Scouts Nation's Capital Bylaws
  8. Nominating Committee Report - 2021 Slate of Nominees

2021 Forums

2021 Forums have been completed. We had almost 400 individuals registered to attend and engage in conversation regarding this year’s set of questions. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and provided feedback on how we can continue to improve the Girl Scout program in our Council.

If you are interested in viewing the presentation, it can be found here:

2021 Forums Presentation

What are Forums?
As representatives for service units, delegates are charged with attending a Forum and providing input on behalf of their service units. The Forum questions for 2021 focus on hybrid Girl Scout program delivery. We currently have an opportunity to combine the best aspects of in-person and virtual programming to create the ideal Girl Scout experience for girls, families, and volunteers. The Board is interested in knowing how we can best offer hybrid programming for our volunteers, girls, and families. This year, there are four questions that will be considered and discussed at Forums:

What virtual opportunities are ideal for volunteers, girls, and parents? Are they the same or different?

What aspects of Girl Scouting are best experienced in-person?

What creative ways can we combine virtual and in-person opportunities to meet the needs of girls, families, and volunteers?

What training and resources will volunteers require to deliver a hybrid program?