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Meet our 2019 G.I.R.L. Squad!

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Girl Scouts is girl-led, so there’s no one better to tell the Girl Scout story than our girls themselves! These Girl Scouts will become citizen journalists as they take over our Instagram and blog as members of our G.I.R.L. Squad. Learn more about them below, and be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with all their Girl Scout adventures. 

Girl Scout Senior | Clinton, MD
Most excited about? To be able to share with current and future Girl Scouts about the importance of how Girls Scouts can impact their communities and the world!


Girl Scout Senior | Silver Spring, MD
Most excited about? I am very active in girl scouts, and love having another way to share my love of Girl Scouts. G.I.R.L. Squad combines my two favorite things: Girl Scouts and Technology.


Girl Scout Senior | District Heights, MD
Most excited about? I just love Girl Scouting and look for ways to share Girl Scout news with modern technology. I want to major in Communications in college and share my skills to further Girl Scouts when I become an adult volunteer.


Girl Scout Senior | Washington, DC
Most excited about? Sharing my Girl Scout experiences with other Girl Scouts and people who aren’t Girl Scouts.


Girl Scout Senior | Ashburn, VA
Most excited about? I enjoy Girl Scouts and I want to show the different opportunities there are offered. I want other girls to be interested in joining and know all the fun adventures we have.


Girl Scout Senior | Washington, DC
Most excited about? Telling the word about Girl Scouts! I want to encourage more Hispanic girls to join Girl Scouts. 


Girl Scout Junior | Washington, DC
Most excited about? I'm excited to enhance my marketing skills and contribute to raising awareness about Girl Scouts.


Girl Scout Senior | Vienna, VA
Most excited about? Communicating to the world about what is happening in Girl Scouts, and attracting more girls to be interested in STEM through Girl Scouting!


Girl Scout Senior | Dumfries, VA
Most excited about? I want to become a member of the G.I.R.L squad to help document, share, and tell our story from our perspective. Other girls need to see just how much fun we have Girl Scouting and how much STEM you can get involved in.