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Girl Scouts Nation's Capital ROCKS National Council Session


In July, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital joined over 10,000 Girl Scouts from all over the country for the 56th National Council Session (NCS). This business meeting happens every three years and gives delegates from every Girl Scout council across the nation and USA Girl Scouts Overseas a chance to discuss, debate, and, most importantly, vote on issues that are key to the Girl Scout Movement. Additionally, during the event, delegates proudly elect national leaders who will help shape the path of our movement for the next three years.

Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital had the highest attendance in council representation, including 33 National Council delegates who, rocked bright green hats decorated in swaps.


Among the Council representatives were our Girl Scout teen delegates, members of the board of directors, and our Acting Chief Executive Officer Colleen Cibula. When asked to describe Girl Scouts in 3 words, Colleen chose “Passionate, inspiring, and energizing.”



National Council Session is marked as a pivotal moment that sets the stage for growth and transformation within the Girl Scout movement, using the time to find, raise, and use your voice to generate small or large changes

“Finding your voice means to speak up for yourself, to find a passion and to show interest in it, and to then show others about the same interest.” said Girl Scout Nation’s Capital teen delegate Alex.  


National Council session continues to highlight a genuine representation of democracy in action. Echoing Colleen’s sentiments, we find ourselves revitalized and eager to come together to chase after our common goal: to help build confident and strong Girl Scout leaders. Learn more about how to join the next triennium here