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Girl Scouts on a Mission to Protect the Planet

In Girl Scouts, we learn to leave someplace better than we found it, and our planet is no exception. Though what we face with our planet may seem insurmountable, our youth brings new hope with their leadership on these issues. This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘Investing in our Planet’ and who better to demonstrate that investment than the Girl Scouts who use their highest award projects to take action? Each of these teens has seen an opportunity to educate and better their communities by mobilizing a positive change in their environment from a grassroots level. Take a look at what Girl Scouts in our council have been up to this year.


Samantha Wendling- Don't be Toxic

Samantha is passionate about electronic waste and recycling.  She created a 1 minute video on electronic waste for Girl Scouts to help educate them about electronic waste in advance of Earth Day.  Perhaps troops could mobilize to help recycle electronic waste this year and years to come.  

Betsy Arózqueta - Community Beach Toy Library  

Betsy constructed and installed a beach toy library and trash collection baskets at a local beach.  She educated children about the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean through a series of story times held in the community.  Betsy created a website and presented her project to other shoreline Girl Scouts so they can replicate the program at their local beaches.

Anika Geibel – Backyard Invasive Plants: IMPACT on Biodiversity 

Anika Geibel created and built understanding of invasive plant species in our local habitats through an interactive, invasive plant booklet with information, activities and videos. 

Nathalie Hubbard – Plastic and Podcast, Let’s Prevent Water Pollution!  

Nathalie partnered with the city of Rockville's Environmental Management Division to raise awareness regarding pollution by creating a podcast and leading a community park clean up day.