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Brownie Eco-Friend and Letterboxer

Sat Jun 13, 5:45 PM - Sun Jun 14, 2:15 PM EST
Lincoln Caverns - Huntingdon, PA Map
Program Partner, Badge Earning

Spend the day outdoors learning about nature and letterboxing!  Take a tour through the cave, and then a nature hike to the campground.  Girls will learn about fire building safety and tell a nature story around the campfire.  Wildlife rehabilitation will also be discussed.  Join in a fun game of hide and seek using clues and directions to a hidden box. Collect stamp images to record your findings! Girls will use their creativity to make a stamp.  Working as a team, girls will hide a letterbox, write clues to its location, and find other letterboxes.  The highlight of your trip will be touring TWO beautiful crystal caverns. Included are workshops to fulfill badge/patch requirements, indoor “slumber party” style lodging, evening snack, and a lunch-time meal.  Optional:  Get more out of your event by adding the Brownie Cave Explorer Patch.  Caving basics, safety, and cave animals are topics covered in this patch.  Learn more by visiting our website  

Fee: $50.00 per person, includes indoor lodging, evening snack, lunch on Sunday  

Please contact Ann or Jennifer by phone at (814) 643-0268, or email - if you have any further questions.  Thank you!