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VS 2.0

A new Membership Management System is being implemented by GSUSA and will GO LIVE for our volunteers, families, parents, guardians, and staff the first week of December. This system will mean:

  • A single sign-on Membership Updates, Renewal, access to online training through GS Learn, access to badge and meeting scripts and supplies through Volunteer tool kit
  • Easier management of helping girls of multiple households
  • Easier transfers from council to council
  • Clearer information for troop leaders all on one page!
  • Eventually, (June) program and training sign up all in the same single sign-on for leaders or parents
  • Easier search information by SCHOOL or HOUSE OF WORSHIP for new families to join troops!
  • Easier search for families to switch troops based on girls needs and interests - including searching for troops that focus on outdoors or Higher Awards or Community Service

In order to get to the new Volunteer Systems 2.0 system, GSUSA is transferring the countries membership information from Volunteer Systems 1.0 beginning November 18th. This means that until approximately December 5th, members will not be able to:

  • Request transfers from troop to troop
  • Request Financial aid for supplies or troop dues
  • Register new members
  • Access gsLearn for online training
  • Access Volunteer Tool Kit for Meeting plans, scripts, badge requirements, and supply lists
  • Request Zoom Accounts for Troop usage

All families will receive an email from GSUSA, beginning sometime between December 3rd and December 5th, to login to set up your new MY Account, which will replace the MY GS on the website. We ask ALL families to please check your login to MY GS now to ensure your email address is one you use and receive information from to ensure you will have access to the new information coming.

Please ensure that all girls are registered for their correct troop by November 16th, or have requested a transfer so that they will be part of the Ebudde Upload for the Cookie Program, being performed on November 17th. (Girls and troops that register AFTER the 16th will still be able to participate in the Cookie Program with Troop Cookie Managers manually entering information.)

VS 2.0 Quick Reference Guide to Legacy Log-in

Please connect with your Membership Coordinator at your local office if you have any questions or issues or need to update your email address username.