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Fall Product Sales


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Fall Product Program is a council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money earning opportunities for the troops. It is directed toward family and friends, and enables troops to earn start- up money by selling magazine subscriptions as well as nuts and candy.

Thank you for your support of the girls, troops and the council by purchasing or participating in the Fall Product Program!

Watch our Fall Product Program training below. 

Fall Product Sale Programming
  • Focuses on leadership, collaboration and exploring personal values through discovering, connecting and taking action to help girls explore their future potential.
  • FIVE skills girls learn through the program:
       - Goal Setting
       - Decision Making
       - Money Management
       - People Skills
       - Business Ethics
    Online learning activities designed to enhance the troop program activity pieces:

Setting goals is key to a successful sale. Troops and girls who set goals earn big. Talk about what your plans are for the fall and what funding would be needed to make it happen. Give your girls the opportunity to fully experience Product Programming and don’t skip the Goal Setting and Decision Making skill building!  Fall Product isn’t as simple as saying “sell 350 boxes of cookies” since the product line is varied. But by leveraging all product options, the girls can discover, connect and take action to meet their troop’s funding needs.

Example a Troop with 10 girls:
  If each girl sells three magazine orders, 20 nut items the troop earns $266.

Join the 100 club by selling 100 combined items from Ashdon Farms and M 2 Media

Troop Resources

Fall Product Program is managed in the M2 Media web-based system by: troops, service units and association volunteers. It is also the system used by Council to order product as well as rewards. The Service Unit Fall Product Chair ensure the troop is provided login information. Registered girls’ names will be uploaded prior to the sale start date and newly registered girls can be easily added as they join your troop.        

Product Offerings
Ashdon Farms offers sixteen delicious nut and candy selections.
  • These items will be sold in a four-tiered pricing structure of:
    $7.00, $8.00, $9.00, and $10.00. The product is of extremely high quality and will have two items offered in decorative collectors’ tins.   

M2 Media Offers a Wide Variety of Products 
It's not just magazines! Magazine and educational kit subscriptions make an easy sell. With the M2 Media program, those same magazine sales can benefit Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital with 50% of the purchase price from every sale going directly to our Council, not the publisher.

How it Works
  1. All Fall Product Program options in one envelope and there are two ways for troops to earn proceeds:
    — Taking orders for magazines
  2.          Customers order online
  3.  Nut and candy items
            Girls take orders via a nut order card
            Online Nut and Candy Store-When the girls send emails there will be a         link to both the Magazines and Nut and Candy.  Customers can purchase         online and have the items directly shipped to them (customers will have         a larger selection to choose from), or they can choose girl delivered         option (only available during the in-person order time and only the items         listed on the order card is available)

Customers Pay Up Front
—  Collect all money when orders are placed
—  Once product is delivered, you are done

Girls can invite family and friends to support the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital through online sales and it takes less than 15 minutes to get started!  Girls create their Me2 Avatar and enter email addresses to allow friends and family to shop online for magazines, nut and candy.

Magazines are paid for online with a credit card and will arrive to the customer in 4 to 6 weeks. (depending on the publication schedule)

Nuts and candy are paid by credit card and shipped directly to the customer. Customers will incur a shipping fee. Local customers may choose the girl delivered option.

It’s easier than you think!

  • Register by clicking here
  • Girls create their Me2 avatar and set up their profile.
    Order your family’s subscriptions easily online and invite friends and family to shop online by entering or uploading their email addresses
  •  All major credit cards accepted

Girls will earn a patch for entering 12 or more email addresses and earn proceeds for their troop for each magazine subscription or nut/candy order sold online.  Additionally, girls will receive credit toward their rewards for online orders. Girls can check back throughout the sale to track their progress and enter additional email addresses to meet their goals.  At the end of the program, girls/parents will receive a reminder email to print the Girl Online Sales Report showing magazines, nut and candy online orders.

Girls can create their own avatar. When they send 12 emails and sell 4 magazine orders and 20 nut/chocolate items, they will receive a patch with the image of their avatar on it personalized with their name.

Troop Proceeds

Fall Product Program is an easy way for troops to earn start up funds

  • Traditional Plan is when girls work towards fun Reward items to be awarded for individual girl achievement. The troop earns:
    10% on all sales
    Nut and candy items and online orders
    Online magazine orders
  • Additional Proceeds when the troop chooses, proceeds instead of reward items, but remember, it’s a GIRL decision and MAJORITY rules!
    —  15% on all sales but no rewards (Patches will be Awarded)
    Nut and candy items and online orders
    Online and paper magazine orders                

The troops have the opportunity to earn an additional 2% regardless if they are taking rewards or not. Troops must have an average of $175 per girl selling to earn the tiered- proceeds incentive.

Super Troop reward:  troops that have an average of $200 per girl selling will receive an additional 1% on the Fall Sale Program and will receive an additional 2 cents per box during the Cookie Sale Program.

Associations with a 3% increase over 2018 sales volume will receive 1% proceeds on ALL sales by Association Troops.


Fall Product Sales Timeline

  • Training

—  Training of Assn Fall Product Chairs Aug 2019 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Office
    4301 Connecticut Ave NW #M-2
    Washington DC 20008

  SU Fall Product Chairs Training (2 sessions available)                                 Universities at Shady Grove Conference Center
    Aug 24, 2019   1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

  Training of Service Unit Fall Product Chairs
    These will be held locally by the Fall Product Association Chair

 Training of Troop Fall Product Chairs
    Scheduled locally by SUFPC for early September

Selling Period
  • Selling Period

—  Order Taking                         September 17- October 18, 2019
—  Online Sale extended         October 19- November 11, 2019

      Collect all money (for nuts and candy) when orders are placed

Product Delivery

—  Delivery will be scheduled by Service Unit between November 12-15, 2019

Nut & Candy delivery is perfect timing for Holiday giving!
Thoughtful gifts for teachers, bus drivers, and postal workers;
Use as a hostess gift or for the gift exchange at the office.
Order some extras for those last-minute gift needs!

Thanks for your support and participation in the Fall Product Sale Program!