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With the Girl Scouts, you'll make a bunch of new friends and have a ton of new experiences that show how exciting the world is, and how awesome you are, over and over again. So, what are you waiting for? Start the fun today!

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Introduce girls to new experiences that show them they're capable of more than they ever imagined. Whether you can give a day, a few weeks, or the whole year, it all starts with you. Be the role model she’ll always remember.

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Emergency Contact Number: 1-888-288-1784

Celebrate 110 years of camping. Play kahoot game today!
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Our Response to Child Labor

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Girl Scouts Nation's Capital and its baker condemn the use of child labor and any exploitation of workers. Our baker is committed to working closely with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and other organizations to ensure suppliers adhere to the Global Supplier Code of Business Conduct and human rights policies, including correcting or terminated suppliers who do not adhere to those policies.

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Our Response to Racism

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The Girl Scout movement has always been one that stood for inclusivity; however, it is not lost on us that, unfortunately, this is not the experience of every Girl Scout. Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital continues to strive to be a pillar for all girls, and especially for African American girls and their families in the Greater Washington Area.

Read our former Board Chair and CEO's statement on anti-racism here.

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Share Your Girl Scout Story

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Girl Scouts do amazing things every day. They might start a self confidence-boosting movement, help protect the environment, and make their communities better in more ways than we can count. Check out the amazing ways Girl Scouts are changing the world! 

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