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Facilitators & Training

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Certified, trained facilitators are required for all high adventure activities.

Facilitators are included with reservations of the Crowell Challenge Course and the White Rock High Ropes Aerial Course. For all other high adventure activities, troops must secure their own trained facilitators. 

List of High Adventure Trainings/Certifications Offered Through Council
Ways to Find a Facilitator

If your troop wants to participate in a high adventure activity and you don’t have a trained facilitator, you can:

1. Become a trained facilitator

The best way to ensure that you will have a facilitator the day of your high adventure reservation is to become one yourself (or have another adult from your troop get trained). View our Upcoming Courses document for a list of currently scheduled trainings.

Want to take your high adventure training to the next level? Use your certifications to help girls beyond your troop participate in high adventure activities by becoming a volunteer facilitator! If interested, email

2. Reach out to your Service Unit

Other troops in your Service Unit may have already done the high adventure activity you want to participate in. Reach out to leaders to see how they have secured facilitators. Someone from your area may even be available to directly assist your troop!

3. Post on the Outdoor and High Adventure Rallyhood

Share that your troop is looking for a facilitator on Rallyhood (specifically the Outdoor and High Adventure rally). Many of our volunteer trained facilitators are on Rallyhood and can comment directly on posts you make. Learn more about Rallyhood and how to join here.

4. Use the Facilitator Request Survey

If you are unable to secure a facilitator using any of the methods above, you can fill out our Volunteer Facilitator Request survey. See the dropdown below for more information.

High Adventure Volunteer Facilitator Request Survey

Camping Services can now help you find a facilitator for your high adventure activity! Follow these steps to request a High Adventure trained facilitator. For a visual representation of the facilitator request process, view this flow-chart.

  1. Make your reservation
    Reserve your high adventure site. When prompted to provide the name of a facilitator, put “TBD.” This can be updated later.
  2. Fill out the facilitator request survey and continue to try to secure a facilitator on your own. 
    • Fill out the survey. It will ask you details about your reservation: what activity, location, date, time, etc. You will be notified once a member of the Camping department has reviewed your request. You will not receive an automatic email immediately after completing the survey. Continue to try to find a facilitator yourself. For tips on how to find your own facilitator, please review the “Ways to Find a Facilitator” dropdown above.
  3. Once a week, Camping Services will pull the survey and email our list of volunteer facilitators regarding all received requests.
  4. Camping Services will continue to try to secure a facilitator for you until your reservation.

If camping services are SUCCESSFUL in locating a facilitator for your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email and be put in contact with the facilitator.

If camping services are UNSUCCESSFUL in locating a facilitator for your reservation, you will be notified, and your reservation will be cancelled. A full refund will be issued.

GSCNC is looking to expand our list of volunteer facilitators!
If you are certified in a high adventure activity and would like to share your skills beyond your own troop, please email